A municipal council to reconcile

Un conseil municipal à réconcilier

The residents of the township of Alfred-Plantagenet had the opportunity to meet those who aspire to represent them on the city council. The two candidates for mayor, four candidates for the district 1 and four of the seven candidates in the district 2 were presented, last Wednesday, in front of the voters to speak their intentions to the municipality.

Candidates for the position of mayor, Stéphane Sarrazin and Jean-Pierre Cadieux, voted, in front of over a hundred people, on issues facing the municipality of Alfred-Plantagenet. Among the issues discussed, one of them was the dispute between the advisors.

For Stéphane Sarrazin, there is a work of renovation to be done within the city council. “It doesn’t work at the moment, nobody participates in public meetings,” explained Mr. Sarrazin in the interview, which is said to participate in the meetings of the board for the past four years.

According to her, some advisors are preventing the progress of the services and cause discord within the directorate, the council and its employees.

“Some members of the council have made sure that there is a bad climate. There is more of a director-general, over the head of the department, the clerk is a temporary contract up to the commencement of work for new applicants. It is impossible to take major decisions. “

About Jean-Pierre Cadieux, also a candidate for mayor, the concerns of its opponent are unfounded, or almost. “Mr. Sarrazin is right to say that there is a problem, but not with the council. There was actually a counselor who messes things up, and when it is absent, everything works like clockwork. But it is not necessary to restructure, it is just necessary to put things, and bring well-being, good mood, rest assured, he said.

This last also explains that the recent problems within the city council are among other things caused by the absence of a director-general. “Since the month of July, it is necessary to engage a new director general, and its absence is probably what’s causing the overload of all “, says he.

All candidates competing for the title of city councillor for ward 1, René Beaulne, Yves Laviolette, Suzanne Lafrance and André Péladeau were present at the meeting. For district 2, four of the seven candidates presented themselves, Chantal Galipeau, Ian Walker, Jeanne Doucet, and Antoni Viau.

The other three candidates for the district 2, Jean-Claude Delorme, Lynda Lemieux and Dominique Perrier were absent.


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