A photo that inspired Jacobs-Webb

Une photo qui a inspiré Jacobs-Webb

Seven years ago, Anton Jacobs-Webb was presented with a gift.

More precisely, a photo of the team canada sledge hockey, which had participated in the paralympic Games in 2010 in Vancouver. It was autographed by the players.

It is one of the members of this team, Hervé Lord, of Ottawa, who had passed on the memory at the time.

“I started to play sled hockey because of it,” recalled the striker gatinois.

The spell made it so that for three days, Jacobs-Webb is now a member of the national team in turn. This will now be him who will be on the next official photo, taken by Hockey Canada.

The latter has been chosen as 17 other players by head coach Ken Babey in view of the upcoming season that begins in December at a tournament in London, Ontario. The group, which was convened last week to Calgary, to participate in several other events, including the world championships in April in Ostrava, in the Czech Republic.

“I look forward to play my first international, I find myself among the best players,” said the student in the natural sciences at Cegep Heritage.

Jacobs-Webb, who was born with one leg shorter than the other, was his second attempt at the selection camp for the canadian outfit. It had been released at the same date last year.

“I was not so disappointed as it. I had learned a lot. I told myself that I would come back the year after. “

The departure of several veterans who have earned the silver medal in the paralympic Games, PyeongChang has opened the door to several new recruits.

“We have six new players,” said the principal.

The news of his selection fell on Saturday. The phone was soon ringing.

One of the first messages received came from another former member of the canadian team from the region, Jean Labonté.

“I met him at the age of 11 years when he visited our school. Subsequently, I worked a lot with him. He was even became one of my coaches for a year within the Quebec team “, said Jacobs-Webb about the former captain of the national training.

Who knows, maybe he will honor you with the same number in the next season ?

No one has donned in the last year the bib 17 that Labonte has defended for 15 seasons. “We are going to choose our number at the next camp. I’m going to see what is available. “


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