A piano and the voice of Stephanie

Un piano et la voix de Stéphanie

Stéphanie St-Jean is in her hometown, the moment of a show.

But before you go on stage, Friday, she wanted to take a few days to review his “gang” and make the round of the media of the region, question to make the point on his career and projects.

Already two years have passed since his triumph at the fourth season of The Voice. Two years of touring that have led to the four corners of Quebec with its four musicians, including his longtime friend Philippe Bigras. “Phil and me, we’ve been together for several years, to entrust the singer. From our beginnings in a group to Buckingham, even in the most beautiful venues in Quebec “.

After having proposed a first album following his appearance on the show VAT, Stephanie hopes to get it back by next spring.

“I’m working on a new album that I will look like a lot more, with my texts and original music,” she says in an interview with The Right. After The Voice, we recorded several songs, of times, without too take the time to make new arrangements or to put a more personal touch. I love this album, especially in the show, but it could have been recorded by someone else. It is not very personal. This time, I want to put everything that I can. My ideas, my themes, my words. This will be a real drive by Stéphanie St-Jean “.

In peace

Since its outbreak in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers in 2016, the singer seems to have found a beautiful inner peace.

You can feel in control of her environment and, most importantly, since she left Productions J, it shows a beautiful confidence.

“I’m a girl who has had a hard life, but who is now at peace with my past. I can talk about it without the genoa and if it can help people, this is perfect, ” she adds. I also have many projects and I want to carry out, without, however, skipping steps.”

One of those projects is his show “piano and voice” is that it will offer for the first time, Friday evening, to The Basoche.

For this service, which was conducted in simplicity and complicity, Stephanie will be accompanied by pianist Gabriel Desjardins, known for his work with Cain. “I’m so happy to be able to count on Gabriel. This is a musician of exception which I complete very well. “

This show is presented in the cosy atmosphere of the small cabaret in the Aylmer sector will plunge the viewer into the musical universe of Stéphanie St-Jean. Pierre Lapointe Fip passing by Aretha Franklin, the range of influences of the Gatineau is wide and she intends to exploit it to the max with this formula. “This is the first time I do this kind of show and I sincerely believe that we have a formula very interesting, both for me and for the public, she said. It’s going to be so fun. “

To go there :

Where : The Basoche

When : Friday, October 5, 20 h

Info : www.ovation.qc.ca


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