Alain Delon would have been able to become a pimp

Alain Delon aurait pu devenir proxénète

PARIS — The French star Alain Delon, 82 years old, said that if he had not been propelled through the film by the women who loved him and who helped him put foot in the stirrup, he could become a pimp of prostitutes.

In a very, very long interview with the newspaper The World published Friday, the star internationally known, ” says be, “fell into this business thanks to women”.

“They make me want to make cinema. These are the women who want me, do me, give me all, women have fallen in love with me. They have, at a minimum, six or seven years older than me. I want to see in the eyes of these women that I am the most beautiful, the biggest, the strongest, and it is for this reason that I become an actor”.

But the actor also says that his life could have taken a completely different turn and he would have been able to become a pimp.

On his return from the war in Indochina, in 1956, Alain Delon is said to have been “a rogue”. “I have women in a certain district of Paris, and I have to become a pimp. But, as I also have women in a different district of Paris (more upscale, active in the artistic environment, which will open the doors), I become a star”.

Immerse yourself in the bubbling of the district of Saint-Germain des prés of the 1950s, Alain Delon manages, by the temptations time to time, to get a place.

A wife in love has convinced her filmmaker husband to take the young man “for the film he is preparing, When the woman gets in the way. This is how I began in the cinema”.

Now in his eighties, the titan of French cinema also confirms its intention to stop the film for “don’t make the movie too” and assigns a single regret: “I wish, before dying, to make a film under the direction of a woman.”

“You realize, it never happened to me”, he says.

“I don’t want to do the fight too. I have a career so outstanding that I don’t want to make the movie too”, reaffirms the actor’s mythical, who shot over 80 films, directed by the greatest filmmakers (Melville, Visconti, Losey, Antonioni, etc.).

“The filmmakers with whom I could run are dead”, he adds. “I swear to you, today, I don’t know who could get me to do a film. Or then it takes me to submit a story to death”.

The actor, who has marked in particular by his performances in Rocco and his brothers and The Leopard by Luchino Visconti, confirms, however, have “the intention, before leaving, to play in a play entitled The Twilight of a fawn, Joan Fontaine”.

“I expect to be restored physically. I hope to do that very quickly”.


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