Asbestos: the reopening of the arena Pierre-Lafontaine

Amiante: réouverture de l’aréna Pierre-Lafontaine

The City of Gatineau announced Friday night the re-opening of the arena Stade Pierre-Lafontaine, Gatineau sector, the result of tests of air quality positive.

The municipal authorities had announced the temporary closure of the building earlier in the day after that employee had noticed the presence of vermiculite — a mineral which regularly contains traces of asbestos near a door of an evacuation of the building.

“The building is now safe for the safety of the users. The programming resumes as scheduled on the calendar of activities,” said the City of Gatineau, on Friday night.

The standards Commission, equity, health and safety at work and the Centre for health and social services for the Outaouais region had been warned of the situation.

In a press release, the City stated that “asbestos is a substance known for its insulating qualities and fire retardant”, which explains “why we find a lot in industrial installations and buildings”.

It should also be noted, according to the City of Gatineau, that “as long as the materials are not manipulated, they do not represent any danger.”


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