Asia Argento: Jimmy Bennett gives his version on tv

Asia Argento: Jimmy Bennett donne sa version à la télé

ROME — actor Jimmy Bennett, who accuses Asia Argento having sexually assaulted in 2013, confirmed on Sunday evening, live, on the plateau of the Italian tv channel La 7, having undergone a “sex full” not wanted, that has changed his life.

“It all happened very quickly”, he told with at his side his lawyer Gordon Sattro.

The young man, who was 17 years old at the time of the facts, explained that as soon as they enter the hotel room where Asia Argento, muse of the movement #MeToo, had given him the rendezvous, it had been embraced.

“I first thought of something friendly, a demonstration of his affection, but then his kisses were more extended and I understood that she was looking for something else”, explained the actor and lead singer of american rock, now 22 years of age, according to the Italian translation of his statements.

Then, “she put her hands on me, I toppled over on the bed and removed my pants”, he assured, adding that a “sex full” had taken place.

Asia Argento, 20 years older than his accuser, has denied any sexual relationship with Jimmy Bennett, but acknowledged having paid the money.

The young man and his lawyer confirmed that they have asked for money, $ 3.5 million, to the Italian actress. It has made a first and single payment of 380 000 dollars, according to the New York Times, but the lawyer for Mr. Bennett spoke of a sum of 200 000 euros.

Questioned about his silence after the sexual assault, and on a claim for financial compensation made years after the fact, Jimmy Bennett explains be entered in a period of great confusion after this attack, in which he says that it changed his life. Paradoxically, it is the movement #MeToo that gave him the courage, he assured, seek the advice of a lawyer. “I didn’t want to discredit Asia”,-he said to substantiate its claim of financial compensation, adding that he also felt that nobody would believe his version of the facts.

Jimmy Bennett also said he had yielded to the advances of Asia Argento, because she had talked about a film she wanted to do with him. “I had great confidence in Asia”, he said, but “she has abused her power”.

Asia Argento has become an important spokesperson for women victims of violence in the middle of the cinema after having recounted having been raped at the age of 21 by the producer Harvey Weinstein in his hotel room during the Cannes film festival in 1997.


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