Back to the “eighties” with Sylvain Cossette

Retour vers les «eighties» avec Sylvain Cossette

Sylvain Cossette has spent 10 years of his life to revisit intensely the 70’s, a period in which he shot a show seen by a million people, and three discs certified platinum or gold.

After having taken the ” three sabbatical years “, a long pause unavoidable, because the ras-le-bol and burn out the waited for, is it – the singer has regained the desire to take the road. Dipping this time into the “large” and “colorful” repertoire of the 80’s, Sylvain Cossette and his musicians will be blitzing the province until the spring of 2019 (and even more : “it’s going to surely stretch out over two or three years “, he believed) – with the look and period instruments.

The tour, simply dubbed 80s, stops at the Maison de la culture de Gatineau Friday, October 12. And as the tickets fly like hot cakes (25 000 have been sold in just a few weeks), the band has already received an invitation to return on may 9, 2019 (same place, same time).

If the 70s were critical to the future career of the young Sylvain Cossette feeding his discoveries and his fascination for the music, the following decade was no less constitutive for the young man : it is his first non-professional.

The 80’s, “it is a decade that I know very well : I have spent all these years in the bars, everywhere in Quebec, to run with my group Paradox,” recalls Sylvain Cossette.

“This is where I really learned my trade, night after night, facing all kinds of audiences and situations. “And this is where, in the face of a thousand” unknowns “, he developed the reflexes and strategies that would serve the remainder of his career.

Retour vers les «eighties» avec Sylvain Cossette


The previous show was sunk in the rock. It wants to be, in the image of the decade as it explores, much more pop.

“The music has changed so much in that time : it is the advent of synthesizers, electronic drums and textures. With a very different way of singing. “

“It is the arrival of the new wave,” he continued. A stream of music that is generally based on an ” attitude, the makeup, and not smiling ; the new wave was quite dark, it looked almost frowned upon to smile. When we were inside, we said “Wow ! what is it that is happening ?” We came out of the 70’s, an era of guitar solos and epic songs and you could sing with a very high voice. The voice was treated in a very different way. “

High fidelity

The basic idea of the 80s, it is’ to be as faithful as possible “to the sounds of this particular time,” continues Sylvain Cossette.

“We did some research, and I bought guitars and basses of the 80’s to find the sound of the time. It is our fun to us, the musicians, to be able to reproduce the same sounds, but with instruments of today. “

They imposed ” a decorum in the dress and the way you perform on stage “. The performance space is dressed in ” tévés vintage look “Stranger Things” ” releasing videos of retro atmosphere.

The band has even found a look a little eighties. “I wanted the musicians are all dressed the same. It has a look at the DEVO, all in black and white, with pants “cigarette”. “

Despite the absence of shoulder pads and spraynet (it was out of the question, rigole-t-il), the illusion would be complete, suggests Sylvain Cossette.

Difficult choices

Swept by the two following decades, the music of the 80s has long suffered from an image a little kitsch. But the principle of balance, which puts the modes in perspective has come to play in their favor.

“With the benefit of hindsight, there are of super good songs, [ … ] who have passed through the time. I think of Tears for Fears, U2, Mr. Mister, INXS… ” he said, listing here a small part of the repertoire that it takes on stage, and which includes, among others, of the success of The Police, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Simple Minds, Toto, Prince, and Rick Astley. “It is of hits non-stop, one after the other. “

“Ultimately the choice [of the songs] was a lot more difficult than I thought. We could do four or five shows , “he argues. A few mixes compact allow to solve part of this puzzle in amount to nearly 40 the number of hits of the era offered.

In the blink of an eye in Quebec, Cossette and his quartet revisits Corey Hart, Normand Brathwaite and The BB… and even a song of Paradox.

“For the moment, it is hard to see which to remove. “But, past the first 50 dates, the show” will eventually become more scalable “. The band will likely ” change a little bit the pacing “, in order not to be won over by the ease or fatigue. This is exactly the method that had allowed them to stretch 70s as long.

The singer punctuates his show interventions to be humorous and” stories ” lived, just like he did with 70s.

“I did the directing, and the scripts for all of my tours, then people expect it. And there are two moments in particular where people bidonnent not bad… “



When : Friday, October 12, 20 h (added may 9, 2019)

Where : Maison de la culture de Gatineau

Information : 819-243-2525 ;


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