Bus 100% electric: first test for OC Transpo

Autobus 100% électrique: premier test pour OC Transpo

A bus 100 % electric, loaned to OC Transpo by the company Nova Bus, will be seen in the streets of Ottawa over the next week. The transport company wishes to test this technology of the future.

If the experiment is conclusive, the public transport operator of the capital could therefore keep pace with the Société de transport de Montréal, which has acquired four of these vehicles last year and will add three more to its fleet by the end of 2019. At the other end of the country, Vancouver has also been reported to Nova Bus plans to purchase two buses of model LFSe.

The general manager of OC Transpo, John Manconi, argues that with the bus routes that will be reduced considerably once the light rail will be put into service in a few months, the occasion could be nice in the medium and long term to turn to such models of buses.

While the price of acquisition of such buses is approximately $ 1 million, he recalled that this amount is relative, and that maintenance costs are significantly lower, not to mention the gasoline saved.

“It must not be forgotten that the more technology advances, the more the prices drop. This is an analogy, but it is a bit like televisions to plasma screens. Their price is no longer the same as at the beginning “, he said.

Same goes for the vice-president for legal affairs and government of Nova Bus, Emmanuelle Toussaint, which states that ” it is more expensive than other types of propulsion, but that it is difficult to speak of an acquisition price unique, there are several factors to consider including the configuration of the bus.

The model to the test (LFSe) has a capacity of 71 people (of which 41 seats) and has a length of 12.2 metres.

The manufacturer claims that the bus and its charging stations have proven their worth in Montreal, including during extreme climate conditions. Vehicles to the test in the metropolis have traveled more than 100,000 miles and endured about 11 000 quick reloads.

The recharging stations will also be loaned to Ottawa in the margin of the test. Each vehicle will have to be recharged for approximately two and a half minutes at the end of its circuit.

OC Transpo already has in its fleet of 150 hybrid buses, which combine diesel and electricity.

Absence noticed Watson

It should be noted that mayor Jim Watson has cancelled at the last minute his participation in the demonstration in OC Transpo, after that the municipal clerk and chief legal officer Rick O’connor has received a written complaint stating that any contravention of the Policy on resources related to elections.

“The mayor has withdrawn from the event in order to avoid any appearance of a conflict. He has to visit the garage OC Transpo next week to see the bus and take knowledge of its technologies “, has stated in writing by his spokesperson, Mathieu Gravel.

Earlier this week in the margins of the election campaign, Mr. Watson had made a series of promises environmental, including the implementation of a pilot project of electric buses.


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