Cannabis: towards a showdown with Quebec

Cannabis: vers un affrontement avec Québec

The City of Gatineau could quickly end in an overhang with the new government caquiste of François Legault on the thorny issue of consumption of cannabis in public places.

The Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) has repeated since September that it intends to prohibit the consumption of cannabis in all the public places of the province. This promise has been repeated from the day after the election by the member for Borduas, Simon Jolin-Barrette, who currently holds the role of spokesman for the elected government. It is a position contrary to that put forward by Gatineau, who has pledged to allow the consumption of cannabis in all public places where smoking is also allowed. The City of Gatineau said to be based on scientific information and public health concepts to support its position.

Despite the clear signals from Quebec, the mayor of Gatineau, Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin, has no intention, for the moment, to change anything in the game plan adopted last July by the city council. “We will expect that the position of the new government is clarified and confirmed, said the press attaché to the mayor of Gatineau, Laurence Gillot. We want to discuss with the new mps. It is too early for the mayor to issue a fear or an emotion in relation to it. ”

Ms. Gillot adds that Gatineau also continued to work on the communication plan intended to explain the regulations it wants to put in place on October 17. The budget for this plan is still not known. “We do not stop working because there is the spectrum of a change in the law to Quebec, she said. There is an obligation to prepare for the entry into force of the legalization. “The new government led by François Legault would not be able to change the law before the entry into force of legalization, but his spokesman says they want to proceed as quickly as possible after the swearing-in.

The communication plan provided by the City must, however, be the subject of a meeting house the next week. A first presentation made to the commission Gatineau, ville in health, on September 20, provides for a broad campaign of awareness-raising and information. The Web site of the City of Gatineau plays obviously a key role.

Visitors there is a quiz on the rules, as well as videos that would be included also in the social networks and other electronic media.

An information session would be organized in collaboration with the Directorate of public health for the Outaouais region.

Elements of signalling adapted to the new regulations must be installed in the vicinity of public places to be relevant.


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