Chelsea claimed a nurse in his / her CLSC

Chelsea réclame une infirmière dans son CLSC

The municipality of Chelsea claims that the position of nurse at the CLSC of its territory, abolished in 2013, is restored in the shortest possible time by the integrated Centre of health and social services for the Outaouais region (CISSSO).

“The residents have spoken, the demand is there and the CISSSO must immediately restore the position of nurse. It is abnormal that Chelsea is the only one of the four CLSC of the MRC-des-Collines, which was not his nurse to meet the needs of our residents,” says the mayor of Chelsea, Caryl Green, by way of a press release.

Based on the results of a survey of 630 families (1524 persons in total), the municipality says that from January 2016, 130 people have had to resort to 677 times the services of a nurse at the CLSC in Masham, Cantley and Val-des-Monts, or at the clinical end of the week from the Memorial Hospital of Wakefield.

Of this number, 130 people have received a service of “health current” (in consultation with a nurse) of a CLSC of January 2016 today. The objective of these consultations was, for example, a dressing change following a surgery, an infection, a follow-up post-chemotherapy treatment, a follow-up post-surgery, a vaccine for baby, burn, and / or postnatal care.

The direction of the CISSSO responded by stating that this decision dates from before its inception in 2015 and that an analysis of the needs of close to is currently conducted. Talks between the parties are also in progress. A meeting is planned for Tuesday evening.


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