Childbirth in Ontario: the liberals have issued a incorrect data

Accouchements en Ontario: les libéraux ont diffusé une donnée erronée

The liberal candidates in Ottawa have indicated, incorrectly, that the number of mothers in the Outaouais region who give birth on the ontario side had recently ” fade half “, reveal of the data obtained by The Right. An error in “good faith” attributed to “a communication problem” with the ministry of Health, ” says the mp outgoing and is a candidate in Hull, Maryse Gaudreault.

On 5 September, while the five liberal candidates for the region announced their commitment to modernize the central pavilion of the Hospital of Hull, Mrs. Gaudreault had highlighted various achievements of his party for the network of the health of the river.

It was emphasized, in particular the forthcoming establishment of the faculty satellite of medicine and the addition of positions for midwives at the birth House of the Outaouais region. “We know that one child in four was born in a hospital in Ontario, until very recently, and it has decreased the number of births by half “, she had said then.

The same information was also recorded in black and white in the press release delivered on the same day by the liberal team. “While one in three children in the region saw the light of day in Ontario at the beginning of our mandate, this proportion is constantly decreasing and has shrunk by half in four years “, read there-on.

Accouchements en Ontario: les libéraux ont diffusé une donnée erronée

Verification of the facts
The most recent data from the integrated Centre of health and social services for the Outaouais region (CISSSO) obtained by The Right demonstrate, however, that this is not the case at all.

The proportion of births in the ontario side has even slightly increased in 2017-2018, compared with the previous year. The number of births of mothers of the Ottawa river on the ontario side has all the same decreased slightly for the same period, but in a proportion similar to that observed for the number of births on the quebec side.

When questioned about this contradiction, Ms. Gaudreault has conducted audits that helped him determine that his declaration to the beginning of September was based on erroneous information, that she is said to have received from the ministry of Health. “An honest mistake” due to “a problem of communication,” she pointed out while apologizing to have conveyed such information to be inaccurate.

According to Ms. Gaudreault, the lower “half” of the number of the mothers of the Ottawa childbirth in Ontario instead of the expected result to the result of the opening of the new unit for the birth of the Hospital in Gatineau, scheduled for 2022. This project, which includes among others the development of 32 rooms and TARP (labour-delivery-recovery-postpartum), was announced in 2014 by the pq government of Pauline Marois, before the subject of a new ad by the liberal government, last winter.


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