CISSSO: the union members to denounce the slow pace of negotiations

CISSSO: les syndiqués dénoncent la lenteur des négociations

Many unionized health sector in the Outaouais region have expressed their anger at the integrated Centre of health and social services for the Outaouais region (CISSSO) on Thursday evening, denouncing the trampling in the negotiations and setbacks, says one of the trade union side, in the conditions of work proposed.

Nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers and orderlies, in particular, protested outside the apartment building where the board of directors of the CISSSO held its public meeting regular. Several employees are also represented in the council room where the union representatives, on behalf of 10,000 unionized, have expressed their grievances in front of members of the board of directors.

The current trading is of the utmost importance, Andrée Poirier, national representative for the Alliance of professional and technical staff of the health and social services (APTS), because it will lay the foundation for the reorganization of the work for many years to come.

“We want an employment contract that takes into account our opinion, our expertise field, of our distress, and especially of our willingness to provide care and quality services to the population of the Outaouais,” said Ms. Poirier in front of the c. a. of the CISSSO.

The attraction and retention of the workforce, work-family balance, professional autonomy and the stability of the services are at the heart of the claims, it emphasised on the side of the employees. The union representatives complained that the contracts for the work to come have an indefinite duration. They are afraid to impose changes in schedules for holidays and weekends, in particular.

Jenna McMillan, chair of the workers ‘Union and workers of the health and social services of Ottawa-CSN, has indicated that the CISSSO must listen to the proposals of the employees,” who are at arm’s length, a chaotic lattice “.

“This is not asking for huge setbacks on our working conditions are already difficult and a little envious that we will be able to attract and maintain the staff necessary for the CISSS “, pleaded Ms. McMillan.

The unions want an agreement negotiated before the legal deadline of the talks on 21 October, fearing that a mediator has to decide on the items that have not been the subject of an agreement.

On the employers ‘ side, the CISSSO refrained from commenting on the negotiations.

Dr. Marie-Andrée Fortin, a radiation oncologist at the CISSS de Laval, was appointed by Quebec to accompany the service of radio-oncology in Ottawa. It will act as head of department by interim. His appointment follows the action plan of the CISSSO to improve its program in oncology.

“She will spend a few days a week here since it will continue to work in Laval. It may be released in order to have a fresh look at how we do things here, explained the president and ceo of the CISSSO, Jean Hébert.

“It will look at what is done elsewhere and how we can improve our practices and improve the climate of work which had been identified as an important issue for several years,” said Mr. Hébert.

Computer problems the major in recent years have undermined the functioning of the services in radio-oncology in Ottawa.

These troubles in technology had major impacts on access to services, treatment time, and the completeness of the clinical information in the patient’s record.

In addition, conflict situations have led to problems of inter-professional collaboration in the service of radio-oncology of the Hospital of Gatineau, according to a damning report by the ministry of Health and the Federation of medical specialists of Quebec.


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