Couillard met with Legault

Couillard a rencontré Legault

QUEBEC — The elected prime minister François Legault has met on Friday morning, Philippe Couillard, and he confirmed that the “house is in order,” to share ” some folders delicate “.

This assertion has been repeatedly mentioned, in particular, during the election campaign, Mr. Couillard, in order to assert the good health of economic and financial Quebec, but this is the first time that Mr. Legault shown.

This meeting was another step in the transfer of power is taking place in Quebec city. Mr. Couillard welcomed the leader of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) to the office of the prime minister located in the building Honoré-Mercier.

At the same time, the elected officials of the liberal Party were gathered right next to the national Assembly, to choose their interim leader and it is Peter Arcand, who has been designated.

MESSRS. Couillard and Legault have exchanged a few words during the photo session. The beginning of the meeting was cordial and the two opponents are tutoyés. The outgoing prime minister has assured his successor of his full cooperation during the transition.

Mr. Legault replied that the fight was over, alluding to the election campaign. “I want to, in front of people, thank you for these years, it is hard policy, it is necessary to have a protective shell “, he continued.

“Have you noticed ?” replied Mr. Couillard said with a chuckle. He pointed out that the two were imbued with the desire to serve the people of Quebec.

“As said Philippe, he still leaves the house in order, with public finances in order, there will be no surprises,” assured Mr. Legault. He indicated that there were only a few of the files “a bit more delicate,” without specifying which ones.

“You’re lucky I didn’t come in the same conditions in 2014 “, was suggested by the outgoing prime minister, who has often decried the state of public finances and the deficit planned by the pq members, to which he succeeded after the election of 2014.

This time, however, the liberal government was committed to empower the auditor general to prepare a report on the public finances before the election. This report had concluded that the budget estimates relating to the financial framework were plausible.

MESSRS. Couillard and Legault have both agreed that they agreed on many issues, the public finances in good order, the prosperity of Quebecers, better public services.

“There are a few small topics of disagreement, but we will not touch today, it is over for me, that period of time,” said Mr. Couillard.

“You don’t have to be afraid to see me criticize your actions,” he concluded, before Mr. Legault, who has hinted that he was reassured of not having a “mother-in-law” – that is to say, in politics, a former party leader who constantly returns to denounce his successors.

Recall that Mr. Couillard has resigned Thursday from the leadership of the liberal Party and gave up its renewed mandate of member of parliament for Roberval, in the wake of the historic defeat of his training Monday.

The office of Mr. Legault has also made it known in an e-mail laconic on Friday that he had discussed with the first minister of Alberta, Rachel Notley. They agreed that they would meet soon.


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