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The young entrepreneur franco-ontarian William Burton has found a way unusual for you to discover the artists of adolescents francophones of Ontario. The sessions Wink, a brand new concept, allows artists to offer performances in the schools during the lunch hour.

This pilot project, entirely conceived and developed by the creator of the social enterprise Awakening, offers visibility to artists franco-ontarians, and allows students to enjoy a short show during lunch. The idea was all the rage in the schools of the region, according to the young man. “People have really enjoyed it, and the artists have received a lot of positive responses,” says the student audience development department at the University of Ottawa.

The first sessions Blink of an Eye, were presented to the school Béatrice-Desloges, Sea Blue, Garneau and Louis-Riel. These sessions took place in the framework of the show, Kaleidoscope, which will be presented during the celebrations of the Franco-Ontarian day, September 25, next.

Even if this first series of mini-performances is completed, William wants to continue this project in order to promote several other shows to come. “The artists come out the winners because they are discovered by the young, and all the students enjoy these shows, so it is sure that we will continue”, lance-t-il.

A mobile application for The Alarm clock

The ambitions of the young man did not stop there. The company of William from good train, he has the intention of developing a mobile application. Cultural hub for young people, the app will allow users to know the upcoming performances, to invite them and talk about different cultural events. “Young people want my content, but they are losing it too easily in the news feed of Facebook, so it’s going to help a lot,” he explains.

Describing himself as a great enthusiast of the arts and culture, he is convinced that it is much more entertaining to watch a show in good company. It is this which explains his desire to bring people together on a single application. “My social life revolves entirely around the shows, rigole-t-il, and it makes me sad to know that young people will not go there. I know that if they went there in a group, they would welcome many more such evenings”, table the young entrepreneur.


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