Doucet presents his commitments

Doucet présente ses engagements

To show its commitments in the face of many of the issues in the cradle of the City of Ottawa — lowertown and the Byward Market, the candidate for mayor Clive Doucet is surrounded by the stakeholders of this community, Friday.

The candidate for the position of councillor of Rideau-Vanier Thierry Harris was alongside of Mr. Doucet, as the defeated candidate in 2014 and immediate past president of the community Association of the Basse-Ville, Marc Aubin, and Richard Cannings, shopping in the Byward Market. Here are the main issues discussed during their meeting with the media on Friday.

Addressing homelessness

Clive Doucet has left Thierry Harris talk about his vision in terms of addressing homelessness before you publicly announce its support for the candidate in Rideau-Vanier, noting that ” its program is exactly like mine “.

MESSRS. Harris and Doucet offer include the creation of land reserves to finance affordable housing projects and rely on the zoning that is inclusive to increase the number of available units. The candidate for the position of councillor wishes to, among others, the creation of a program of loans at low rate of interest to people who are struggling to join the two ends to prevent them from being evicted from their apartments and reduce the need for services such as those that would like to offer the Salvation Army in the heart of Vanier. Clive Doucet wants the creation of a day shelter as an alternative to the life in the street.

“Yesterday, there was a woman who was shaking due to a drug overdose, unconscious. What can one do in a situation like this ? This was bad for my soul and for hers, just to be able to witness this type of suffering. “

Heritage Protection

Gathered in front of the former school of Our Lady, which, despite the heritage designation, has been almost completely demolished, Mr. Doucet and her guests have pointed to the shortcomings of the City of Ottawa in the field of heritage protection.

“No need for words, just a glance at the building behind me to understand who wins, and what are the property owners “, has launched Marc Aubin. The candidate for mayor, added that it is necessary to protect the built heritage, particularly in the district of Rideau-Vanier since ” the Byward Market is a must stop for tourists, to Ottawa, to get a glimpse of our past.” He adds that ” the erosion of the historic character of the Lower Town and the Byward Market is a big concern for residents “.

Emancipation of the Byward Market

“The traders are leaving. This is more of a threat now, it is a reality, ” says Richard Cannings, a businessman, installed in the Byward Market.

Clive Doucet and criticize the management model of the commercial area chosen by the outgoing mayor, Jim Watson, the appointment of a board of directors comprised of volunteers. “It has been a difficult season. Traders need all the help available. Rather than reduce the rents for the help, it increases them, ” says Dr. Cannings. I believe that the mayor sees the Byward Market as a cash cow, but it will be a dead cow very soon if it continues like that. “Mr. Doucet added that it is necessary to appoint residents who have at heart the district in the management of the Byward Market, rather than real estate developers.


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