Edward has fun, the Ravens also

Edouard s’amuse, 
les Ravens aussi

The university football season is young, but the Carleton Ravens line up already a defensive voracious.

The unit’s new coordinator defensive Paul Eddy Saint Vilien leads the conference ontario chapter of the shifts caused in the first three weeks of the regular schedule. She has managed four interceptions and recover three balloons escaped by the opponent.

One of the birds are the most threatening ?

The middle linebacker Jonathan Edward, who already has a pair of interceptions. Last week, he also added nine tackles.

Not bad for this player, american — born of haitian parents, who makes his first steps in the ranks of canadian universities after a trip to Henderson State in the second division of the NCAA.

Edouard s’amuse, 
les Ravens aussi

Jonathan Edward


“It is also good to make returns kick in, even if we have not yet used to it up here “, pointed to a other coach of the Ravens, Jean-Philippe Asselin.

Edward, 22 years old, has packed up and left, to the north of the border last year. He needed a change of air.

It is he who has contacted the chief instructor of the Ravens, Steve Sumarah, to offer his services. Regulations require, he was not eligible to play the season 2017.

“It was not easy to sit and watch the team play. It was the first time in 12 years that I was not playing a season. It made me even more hungry, ” says Jonathan Edward, who is said to feel more and more comfortable on the field.

It seems to be the case for the rest of his team mates.

Like the linebacker gatinois Trevor Hoyte has caused two balloons escaped in the space of a few minutes, last week, in the gain of 21-18 against Waterloo. Two other secondeurs, Jack Cassar, and the Gatinois, Joshua, Denis Walsh, have been successful 26 and 23 tackles since the beginning of the season, giving respectively the first and third place in the conference.

Edouard has not pointed to only one in Ottawa. One of his childhood friends in Orlando, the receiver, Dominic Walker, followed him, passing the NCAA.

The kind of “two-for-one” that pays for the Ravens.

Walker, who played previously at Troy University, has been selected as the offensive player of the last week in Ontario after having acquired two touchdowns from the quarterback gatinois Mike Arruda, including a 95-yard.

“Dominic grew up four houses from me. Once he knew that I joined at Carleton, I pitched the idea that he should come here to turn “, said Jonathan Edward.

The latter does not regret his decision to move away from his family. “The first decision of my life that I have made by myself. My parents have supported me, even though they were a little nervous at the beginning, ” he said.

The Ravens show a record of 2-1 in three outings in 2018. Not bad for a club that was part of the neglected before the start of the season. He had lost many veterans in the past two years, including linebacker Justin Howell, who is aligned now in the Red and Black in the CFL.

Carleton will play its next game at home Saturday afternoon, receiving Queen s.

“We have several pieces of interesting here. If we can put this puzzle together, we can be contenders for the Vanier Cup, especially if the other teams we underestimate, ” predicted Edward.


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