Electoral debate to The Nation

Débat électoral à La Nation

An electoral debate bilingual bringing together three of the mayoral candidates and the eight candidates for the municipal Council of The Nation took place at École élémentaire catholique St-Isidore, on Wednesday evening.

This is the first time in 40 years that all positions, both at the town hall that the city council, are being eyed by at least two people, according to Leslie Howard, a member of the committee that organized the debate.

In front of a sellout crowd, the three candidates for mayor, the outgoing mayor François St-Amour, Denis Pommainville and Danika Bourgeois-Desnoyers, spoke on the various issues of the municipality of The Nation.

Those competing for the title of municipal councillor in each of the four districts were also present : Marie-Noëlle Lanthier and Yves Duval for the district 1, Alain Mainville and Danielle Sarault for the district 2, Danik Forgues, and Marc Laflèche for district 3, and Francis Brière and David Mushing for district 4.

Among the electoral issues discussed, economic development is one that has been most affected.

“We’re going to find in our action plan how we will attract the labor force. It is beautiful to create jobs, but we are in shortage of labour force”, expressed Ms. Bourgeois-Desnoyers, in speaking of an action plan which includes consultation of residents and existing businesses. “I intend to ask the board to eliminate the expense of commercial and industrial development”, for its part, informed the outgoing mayor of The Nation, Mr. St-Amour. It has also indicated that it wants to work more on the development of infrastructure, ” as for the water tank, to Limoges, which is in full process of expansion “. For his part, Mr. Pommainville wants to deploy the required resources on this folder. “First of all, you need to believe. It is necessary to be ready to get results, that is to say, put the necessary budget. It is necessary to be aggressive, he should go to find people who are willing to invest in our country”, he launched.

In addition, the agro-tourism has been the subject of several comments, and all agree that it is necessary to put it forward.

The question of the connection to internet networks has also been addressed. A resident from district 1 has expressed its difficulty to grow its business without telephone service and with a poor connection to the internet.

The candidates for mayor and for the ward 1 all committed to take the actions necessary to improve connections in rural areas.

A second electoral debate will take place at the community centre of Limoges, Thursday, October 4. The municipal election will take place on 22 October.


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