Four assistant captains

Quatre assistants-capitaines

It was already assumed that the Senators would not have a captain to start the season.

On the eve of their inaugural game, they have confirmed the appointments of four assistant captains, two permanent Mark Stone and Matt Duchene, and two who will alternate at local parties, Zack Smith, and abroad, by Mark Borowiecki.

For Smith, it’s all a pendulum swing back so that not later than the last week, the club had submitted it to the runoff in the hopes of getting rid of his contract, to which it remains three years at an annual salary of 3.25 million $.

“This is a huge honor and I am very happy to share this task with Boro. It is well to have such a letter, even if it is not necessary to act as a leader, ” said Smith on Wednesday. The players and coaches I have made it clear that nothing had changed, my role remains the same despite the transition to a runoff. It is good to know that confidence in me is still there, after what has been the worst episode of my professional career. “

Borowiecki, a former captain of the club-school when he was in Binghamton, has already made an ” a ” on the occasion in years past when other players were injured. “It is an honour and I am very grateful for, but it will not change my way of doing things. All my life I’ve wanted to be a Senator to Ottawa, and be one of their assistant captains, it is special to me. But I will remain myself, ” he said.

Stone and Duchene, which will be the subject of speculation throughout the season so that they could be unrestricted free agents next summer, have both hinted that they will seek above all to preach by example as the club begins a youthful twist.

“I just want to help the team to grow and move forward,” noted Stone.

“I’ll come here every day and be the person that I am, after several years in this league, you have an idea of what to say and not to say, in such and such a time. Everyone is on the same page, however, and we’re going to lead by committee, ” she said Duchene.


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