Francophones identified on their Health card

Les francophones identifiés sur leur carte Santé

Francophones in Ontario will now be able to identify their language preference on their Health card. The motion filed by the member of parliament for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell, Amanda Simard, to make the data collection francophone and offer more suitable services to francophones of the province, was adopted by unanimous vote of the legislative Assembly of Ontario, on Thursday.

At the present time, in the field of health, very few data regarding the francophones of Ontario are collected. Amanda Simard is convinced that this period is resolved. “Currently, there are no data that researchers can use. This motion will allow the patient to provide his / her linguistic identity in a favourable context, and not in a moment of vulnerability, ” said Simard, who is also the parliamentary assistant to the minister responsible for francophone Affairs, Caroline Mulroney.

This motion comes only two weeks after the Assembly of la francophonie de l’ontario (AFO) has published its new white paper on health in support of this measure. “Integrating the language of the Health card is the first step towards a health system more efficient better respecting the taxpayer and the patient,” stressed the president of the AFO, Carol Jolin, in a press release.

According to Mrs. Simard, the adoption of this motion represents a win-win scenario. “On the one hand, more is known about the patient, it will be better served, and on the other, it allows the government to better plan the resources, to better adapt the services. “

The opposition wonders

Although it had voted in favour of the motion, the spokesman of the official opposition, France Gélinas, has some reservations.

The motion recommends that ” the government of Ontario integrates data from linguistic identity to the two official languages of Canada on the Ontario Health card ; and that the Ontario government respects the taxpayers by maximizing the potential of human and financial resources invested, and the quality of care through the use of these data. ”

The new democrat mp is of the opinion that the identification francophone on the Health card is ” wonderful “. But according to her, everything leads us to believe that this second clause could lead to a privatisation of the system of health care for francophones.

“Why did she not stopped at the first sentence ? She has chosen to add this second sentence of the motion. For the conservatives, ‘maximizing the potential of resource’ is to say that we could go to the private sector. Because as we know, the private sector, according to the conservatives, always does everything faster, cheaper, ” says Ms. Gélinas.

For her part, Ms. Simard is categorical, the privatization of health services is not the intent. “No, we’re not talking about privatization, this is not the goal. The goal, it is the collection of data. If we had not made this second part, people would have asked why one wishes to capture the language, ” defended the member of parliament for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.


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