Guy Ouellette excluded from the liberal caucus

Guy Ouellette exclu du caucus libéral

The discomfort was too great for the liberals to pass the sponge. The mna Guy Ouellette is now excluded from their caucus and will sit as an independent.

Elected as a liberal there are just a few days, Mr. Ouellette was a representative in Chomedey, but will go it alone in the national Assembly.

In the last stage of the electoral campaign, it has been revealed by Quebecor that Mr. Ouellette had leaked information to the CAQ in 2016 in order to embarrass their own government. During the election campaign, Philippe Couillard defended his candidate, whose headquarters is located in a district safe.

Twenty-four hours after the resignation of Mr. Couillard, the liberal caucus has decided otherwise. The new interim leader Pierre Arcand speaks of the “breakdown of trust” between Mr. Ouellette and his colleagues.

“I think it was the unanimous will. I think that what the deputies have expressed, of course, it is their great concern at what has been published in newspapers, which was considered in many cases as being of the facts.”

Mr. Arcand has wanted to distance itself from the decision of Philippe Couillard to tolerate such actions. “It is I who currently leads the liberal Party and, therefore, the decision, it is clear, it is crystal clear.”

Filomena Rotiroti, the chair of the liberal caucus, explained that the presence of a member of parliament at a caucus is mandatory and that Mr. Ouellette has decided not to show up Friday.

Instead, he sent a letter to Mme Rotiroti, who read it to his colleagues. The mp did not want to disclose the contents of this letter or, if it contained new information.

A former police officer, Mr. Ouellette is a liberal member of parliament since 2007. In October 2017, he was arrested by the Unité permanente anticorruption (UPAC), in connection with a leak survey documents, caused a great shock to the national Assembly. Mr. Ouellette was then removed from the liberal caucus before being reinstated a month later. To this day, no charges have been brought against him.

It has not been possible on Friday to meet with Mr. Ouellette.


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