Justin Timberlake : suit flannel

Justin Timberlake : du costume à la flanelle

The fifth album from Justin Timberlake, “Man of the Woods”, has been accepted tièdement to its release in February last. That’s not a problem ; faithful to his habits, the man from the forest has delivered his songs so incendiary at the shows of the first portion of his tour of the same name.

Its fire shall consume the Centre, Canadian Tire Ottawa Thursday, October 11, and the Centre Videotron in Quebec on Saturday, October 13.

As representations are the spring of his north american tour had received a response to say the least, enthusiastic – almost half a million tickets had been sold for performances between march and June, ” JT ” has announced the beginning of the year a lap around the track additional to the fall, which includes these stops in the two capitals.

With Man of the Woods, the song-lighthouse of his album, Justin Timberlake taught the world that its forest origin was a source of pride. Want.

True, the singer, dancer and actor has grown up in a small town north of Memphis, in the Tennessee countryside. But the child-prodigy of the pop is out of the woods quite young, he joined the ranks of the show Mickey Mouse Club when he was a pre, and has integrated the band NSYNC at age 14.

And 55 million albums sold later, while the boy band was leaving, the youngest of the troupe, noted for his precise voice and his shots of hip-magnetic, launched his solo career, driven by his wave of popularity. At the age of 21.

Since his two albums, The 20/20 Experience, released in 2013, the California adoption was stowed in the closet the suit and tie Steps and Tie and put on a plaid shirt in Flannel – what he proclaims in the song of the same title.

The woodcutter is still close to its origins pop. In shows past, critics have recognized a performer and dancer accomplished, said to be made of the same wood as Michael Jackson.

From a choreography sophisticated at the other, the performer puts on nearly 30 songs, dances, eight of which are drawn from his most recent album. During these last, of special effects put in the middle of a virtual forest consisting of projections creating various illusions of ” back to the land “.

For the rest, it picks up the tubes of the previous albums, with the exception of a portion during which its singers and sing songs from Fleetwood Mac, Lauryn Hill, The Beatles and John Denver around a campfire. This segment, considered long, has calmed the passions of the crowds. The flames of the camp fire will they stir up more public of Ottawa and Quebec ? It remains to be seen…

Under the guise of “lumbersexuel” cut short, this Timberlake new year’s eve seems to be heat from the same wood as the chic showman of his previous albums. Even if the music of her last album, sows opinions contrasting, the critics are unanimous : Justin Timberlake is a beast of a scene. Point to the line.



When : Thursday, 11 October, 19: 30

Where : Centre Canadian Tire

Information : canadiantirecentre.com


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