Legault wants “insurance” on financial management

Legault veut des «assurances» sur la gestion financière

While the negotiations surrounding the race to the leadership of the international Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) is intensifying, the prime minister-designate of Quebec, François Legault, is still not ready to say whether he endorses the candidacy of Michaëlle Jean. He continued his study of the file, then it will take the temperature of the water at the top of Yerevan before taking a position.

“Regarding the position of secretary general of the Francophonie, we have requested a report to the executive board, while focusing on the expectations of our new government with respect to the OIF : transparency, good management of the finances of the organization and a culture of results,” said his office in a written statement Friday.

“The prime minister-designate wishes to receive such assurances before deciding,” it added.

In the meantime, François Legault press the not to control the folder. “Through other priorities this week, he takes the time to really linger there, to be “brief” and do what you have to do to enter the subject, because this is a topic that is fairly broad, and there are a lot of discussions at this time “, stressed a source in his transition team.

It will be a head-based “negotiations, conversations that he has with the canadian delegation, bilateral meetings, and the plenary,” added this person, ensuring that the designated prime minister ” will have something to say beyond it on the spot (Yerevan, Armenia) “.

It does not exclude the scenario that François Legault wait to see a consensus emerge before we say, ” on which he casts his sights. “Optionally, the position, it may be to find yourself in front of a fairly broad consensus, multilateral. (…) So, the question (would be) if at the end, the prime minister-designate to rally around a consensus and what will be the consensus “, stated the source.

This move by Armenia will mark the first steps of prime minister-designate on the international scene. He could have a bilateral meeting with the president of france Emmanuel Macron, but also with african leaders, a-t is reported in his entourage. He would go to the edge of the plane of the prime minister Justin Trudeau, with whom he should also have a conversation.


The canadian government always supports Ms. John, but it wouldn’t be long not to join. “Ultimately, if there is a clear consensus, Ottawa will follow,” said a source aware of the campaign to the leadership of the organization, where the election to the post of secretary general is traditionally done with consensus and not by vote.

The governments of New Brunswick, full member of the OIF, as well as that of Ontario, which has the status of observer member, support the former governor-general in his quest for a second term.

The minister responsible for francophone Affairs at Queen’s Park, Caroline Mulroney, sent him a letter to confirm it.

“We want you to get a second mandate to continue the mission of deep transformation that the OIF has begun four years ago under your guidance,” writes Mrs. Mulroney, louangeant the Canadian for the “great work” accomplished in his first term, in the letter dated 1 October. Toronto sends, however, no delegation to the summit.

On the side of New Brunswick, in spite of the political uncertainty arising from the recent election, it remains certain of this choice. “What I can tell you, at this time, is that New Brunswick continues to support the nomination of Ms. Jean for the renewal of its mandate “, confirmed Jean-François Pelletier, the executive council of the province.


At the Dakar summit, in 2014, the Canadian took advantage of the disunity of the african countries to escape with the victory.

This time, things are differently : the nomination of the minister of foreign Affairs of Rwanda, Louise Mushikiwabo, has not only the seal of approval from the african Union, but also that of the president Macron.

This support of the Elysée and made squeak the secretary-general outbound. Because the OIF “is not a French Alliance,” was commissioned by Mrs. John in an interview published on Thursday by Young Africa.

She also criticized her opponent Louise Mushikiwabo his “relativism” and the president Macron his ” inélégance “.


According to what was The Duty in its edition of Friday, the diplomatic corps in Ottawa and Paris have been activated to prevent Justin Trudeau receives a setback in the Armenian capital, and the Quai d’orsay would have proposed to the prime minister to support some of the records the canadian to the united Nations in exchange of the withdrawal of the nomination of the Canadian.

The office of the prime minister Trudeau did not want to confirm this information, nor that the embassy of France in Canada.

A source canadian government has, however, argued that a defeat of the candidate endorsed by the Ottawa “would not be a setback in the diplomatic” for Justin Trudeau, because,” first of all, it is the campaign of Mrs. Jean “. But “we would like this to be resolved before the summit,” so that the race does not overshadow the other issues, added the same source.

The federal minister responsible for the Francophonie, Mélanie Joly, who will also be in Armenia, has not wanted to confirm the existence of any such bargain. “We will always fight to have a Canadian at the head of our international organisations “, she offered in a media scrum in parliament.

For its part, the conservative mp Alupa Clarke believes that it is clearly time for the former governor general to withdraw his marbles. “We think that Ms. Jean should do the stylish thing and may want to withdraw its candidacy “, he decided in the foyer of the House on Friday.

The Seventeenth Summit of the Francophonie is to be held on 11 and 12 October in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.


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