Low interest for the consultation on the ombudsman

Faible intérêt pour la consultation sur l’ombudsman

The overhaul of the ombudsman model is far from arousing passions in Gatineau.

If the breach of confidence between the Office of the ombudsman of Gatineau (BOG) and the administration Pedneaud-Jobin has caused much turmoil in the last 18 months, it is just the opposite for the following things. Only two citizens have registered to come and present their memory during the public consultation meeting which takes place this Wednesday, at the House of citizen. The activity was scheduled to begin at 15h, but in front of the little interest of the population and the almost complete lack of participants, the session has been extended to 18h. The other five briefs were submitted to the City before the deadline of 26 September.

“I’m disappointed but not really surprised”, launched the president of the municipal council, Daniel Champagne, who sees this folder as an issue of internal administration raises little interest among the population in general. “From the moment when the population realized that the BOG was important for the board and that he was going to come back, even if it may be in another form, the attention given to this record by the citizens has been greatly reduced.”

The committee in charge of proposing a new model of ombudsman shall make a recommendation to the city council before the end of the year.


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