Michelle White is believed to have been “the head of the Turkish elections”

Michelle Blanc croit avoir été «la tête de Turc de ces élections»

MONTREAL — At the end of a campaign, bumpy, Michelle White believes to have been “the head of the Turkish elections”.

The candidate’s controversial Parti québécois says that his plunge into politics, was both “beyond and below” its expectations.

In an interview with The canadian Press, she is amazed by the proximity with the citizens and the dedication of volunteers, but has not hidden his bitterness in the face of the media coverage that has been reserved.

“When I entered politics, I knew this would be hard,” said Ms. White, who was defeated by the candidate of solidarity Ruba Ghazal in the electoral district of Mercier, a former stronghold of Amir Khadir.

Consultant in Web strategy and Internet marketing, it was expected that his presence in the line ressurgisse during the campaign, but she complains that some national media have always depicted as “the tranny colourful that would put his party in deep shit”.

Writings “exaggerated”

Even if its blog posts, and tweets have provoked several calls for his resignation, Ms. White maintains to be above reproach.

“It means that I have not stolen, I’ve not done any misappropriation of funds, that I have not done nothing improper or unethical”, she insists.

She claims that her writings have been “exaggerated” and decontextualized.

A jewish organization, in particular, urged the Parti québécois to show him the door for having “expressed publicly and with malice of feelings anti-semitic, racist and prejudicial”.

The branch of quebec, B’nai Brith was a reference to a blog post published there are more than 10 years, where she argued that the hasidic jews in his neighborhood were born in it “a strong feeling of intolerance”.

He was also alleged to have written on Twitter, in April 2011 : “Shit, I forgot to celebrate Hitler’s birthday last week!” — pure sarcasm, maintains it.

Michelle White believes that B’nai Brith has been induced in error and accuses the organization of having “trigger-happy” because of his convictions for independence.

Among his other publications that have caused much ink to flow in figure one, which read as follows : “do shit to the phone by an attendant for mobility, which insists on calling me sir because my voice is male. My response to your voice is african and I will not call my little negro… grrr”

Michelle White had largely refused to go back on his words during the campaign, leaving it to his chief care to answer the questions repeated to journalists.

Now that she no longer fears “to shadow the ideas of the party”, she rejects vehemently any accusation of racism.

“Whether jews, christians, buddhists, anyone, me, I don’t like the extremes. Whether it is the extreme left, the extreme right, the extreme religious”, she said.

She greets Jean-François Lisée — who has left the leadership of the Parti québécois, having also been defeated in his constituency by a candidate for Québec solidaire — to have defended his “freedom to criticize religions”.

“There are some people who were asking for my head,” she says. He gave me his respect and his support, and I was really touched of it.”

Political spectacle and sensationalism

At a time when some analysts lament the lack of vision and grand projects of society in the political landscape in quebec, Michelle White returns the blame to the media.

“The journalists are not talking about ideas. The journalists are seeking the crap,” laments she.

The meager 12.1% of the votes collected in Mercier does not prevent to continue to be involved in the Parti québécois, but she says it does not have the intent to run again.

Taking stock of his campaign in a blog for the Huffington Post, she points out that his defeat would have avoided a few “punishments”, such as “vomit over them all day long for the trolls and some of the journalists”.

Denying to be relieved by his defeat, she is delighted to have regained his ability to comment on all subjects as he pleases. And it intends to monitor closely the digital strategy of the government caquiste, stressing the urgency of connecting Quebec to the optical fiber.


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