Mike Duggan, irritated by the remarks of a high official

Mike Duggan, irrité par les propos d’un haut fonctionnaire

Councillor Mike Duggan digests very poorly that the senior management of the City of Gatineau, according to his reading, will make him carry the blame for the delays in the completion of the first phase of work to address the problem of yellow water.

In the edition of the Law of Tuesday, the deputy director-general responsible for the department of infrastructure, André Turgeon, explains that the City has delayed the planning of the first phase of the work postponed to 2018 at the request of councillor Duggan. The latter, once re-elected, in November 2017, has wanted to resume the consultation process for the establishment of a fee for the local improvement that would have allowed the installation of a sanitary sewer at the same time as the change of a water pipeline on a part of the path Vanier.

“We don’t like to be told that it is late, it is we who have the burden to say that we have not been able to perform the work, but at the same time, it is to listen to the elected representatives of the council,” said Mr. Turgeon.

These words of the senior official have been deeply angered by Mr. Duggan. He also challenged the general direction of the City, Tuesday morning, in order to bring this incident to light. “I find it very odd that a top manager denounces the actions of an elected official,” notes Duggan. This is very serious and shaking up a lot at the house this morning. I’ve never seen it. I certainly do not have to take the blame for the delays of the service infrastructure. There was for $ 56-million backlog in Gatineau at the end of 2017. The problem does not come from me.”

Duggan argues that his political intervention in the case has not caused new delays. “The plans and specifications were already very advanced,” he said. The response to the consultation has been negative. The administration could very well do the work this summer.”


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