No hockey in the street this winter in Gatineau

Pas de hockey dans la rue cet hiver à Gatineau

This is not this winter that the children will be able to play hockey in the street legally in Gatineau. The regulatory changes planned this fall to allow the game to be free in some streets of Gatineau are pushed back by several months and might not even ever see the light of day if the city council refuses to go this route because of the amazing complexity of the project.

The commission Gatineau city health has been closed to the public, on the 20th of September last, at the presentation of three scenarios designed to allow the game to be free in the street. A recommendation to the city council later this fall was a result of this meeting, but the members of the commission, which was chaired by councillor Renée Amyot change their minds. Instead, they have asked the servants to lay a fourth scenario, which would combine relevant elements from the three other proposals. The exercise will delay the final decision of the commission.

Mrs. Amyot had already been pointed out, earlier this year, that allow the game to be free in the street is more complicated than it seems, particularly because of the rigidity of the highway safety Code that prohibits it. The facilities regulations for this are many and must adhere to the legislative framework imposed by Quebec. The introduction of a new regulation necessarily imposes the definition of sanction is to punish the behaviour to be avoided. Quebec also imposes numerous measures to protect children and alert drivers.

Allow the game in the street implies an important regulatory work and the implementation of a financial package for the implementation of a signalling specific, as well as the organization of an awareness-raising campaign.

Questioned whether the project could not be simply abandoned due to its complexity and the lack of a real problem in the field related to the practice of free-play in the street, Ms. Amyot has pointed out that such an option was not part of the mandate of his commission. “The mandate of Gatineau city health and propose a project to the city council, she says. The board, however, may decide not to go ahead with it because there is not really a problem, but in my opinion it’s still a beautiful project, even if it is more complex than we thought initially. It would allow the City of Gatineau to send a positive message in the to, and I do not see how we could send this message if play in the street remains illegal in the eyes of the Law. “


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