Old docks installed without permission

De vieux quais installés sans autorisation

The councillor of the district Lac-Beauchamp, Jean-François LeBlanc, informed, contravened the directives of the ministry of the Environment of Quebec, this summer, by installing without permission, close to the marina Kitchissipi, on the Ottawa river, pieces of docks used that it wishes to renovate to possibly give them a use by the public, learned The Right.

“I don’t think that a normal citizen could do that, honestly, I don’t ask myself that question “, he admitted on Wednesday, during a telephone interview.

Councillor LeBlanc explained have begun to recycle old docks that he himself has carried and tied to the bottom of the Ottawa river on the border of the parc Sanscartier, near the descent public boat that belongs to the City of Gatineau. He explains that he intends to solidify and stabilize them in order to be able to increase the capacity of the place.

This is old sections of the quays of the marina Kitchissipi who had been “put aside” on Kettle Island.

“I expected that the water of the river rises enough so that they are accessible and I have been able to get through. “

In addition to being illegal, the security of the dock installed by Mr. LeBlanc is questionable. The elected official himself admits that the stability of the infrastructure is not yet to the point. He also acknowledges that the installation of fortune is already in use by boaters.

The requirements are many to accommodate on the river docks, the use of which is public.

Under the Act on the quality of the environment, the government of Quebec usually requires the obtaining of a certificate of environmental clearance.

“These developments need to be well planned and adapted to the place in question “, states the minister of the Environment. They must also enable the achievement of the objectives of the protection Policy for lakeshores, riverbanks, littoral zones and floodplains, protection of the environment and wildlife.

In an exchange of e-mail with a representative of the government that Mr. LeBlanc has shared with The Law, it is indicated that the department may authorize the construction of a dock “low dimension” and “location for the mooring” in order to “facilitate the launching of kayaks” without the requirement of obtaining an environmental certificate. “PLEASE, send us a plan for the day of the scheduled installation with the exact location and dimensions of the project,” wrote the official.

It is added at the end of the message, that if the book is laid out by the City, the occupation of more than 20 m2 on the shoreline will be subject to the lease water of Gatineau.

The director of communications for the City of Gatineau, Jean Boileau, said that the City had no such plan at this location and that it had not been informed of this project of the councillor LeBlanc.

The dock installed by the elected is currently riding on the property of the City of Gatineau and the national capital Commission (NCC).

“The environment [ministry] told me that it was okay, but first, I had to give them the plans of what I wanted to do, highlights the elected gatinois. However I haven’t given you the requested plans because I didn’t yet know how long were going to be the docks, and if I was going to install them in one or two sections. I don’t see an environmental issue to this place. It was a request of the population and boaters, and I provide a solution here. “

Confronted by The Law for various offences committed, the councillor LeBlanc stated that ” anyway, the season is over “, and that he was going to remove the dock ” in four days “.


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