Open war in Rideau-Vanier

Guerre ouverte dans Rideau-Vanier

A supporter and close to the candidate Thierry Harris part in open warfare against the advisor out of the district Rideau-Vanier Mathieu Fleury.

Philippe Denault, has been sent to the media a copy of an email exchange between Mr. Fleury and the executive director of the Salvation Army, Marc Provost.

“From September 2016, Mathieu Fleury knew that the Salvation Army had purchased the motel Concorde and did nothing until the filing of the application to force the Salvation Army to consult with the community. For nine months he did nothing to inform or consult the population “, said Mr. Denault, who opposes the construction of a mega-shelter of the Salvation Army on the way to Montreal.

The citizens of Vanier supports the candidate Harris for the position of councillor for his district. He says to be a volunteer for his campaign, but not be ” involved in their organization “.

In an email sent to councillor Mathieu Fleury on September 12, 2016, Mr. Provost writes : “I wanted to let you know that our conditional offer has been accepted and signed with the 31 January 2018 as the closing date for meeting the conditions. I want to heart you include and you refer to all along and expects to be in communication with you several times before there was any public announcement whatsoever.”

Guerre ouverte dans Rideau-Vanier

An email exchange between councillor of Rideau-Vanier, Mathieu Fleury, and the executive director of the Salvation Army, Marc Provost, which dates back to September 2016.

Courtesy, Philip Denault

Mr. Denault claims to have received the document directly from the campaign manager Thierry Harris after the latter has made a request for access to information.

For his part, Mathieu Fleury insists on the importance of taking into account the context surrounding the reception of this message.

“I am the adviser to the Byward market, lowertown, Vanier. The reason for which the Salvation Army contacted me at this time it is because of the operational issues of security for customers, employees and the community, ” said Mr. Fleury. Asked since 2012 to change the model and invest in our community. Marc Provost was not about location or model. It informs me. This is where, reading the email, someone who does not have the context can say that I knew it since that time. ”

At the time of the receipt of the email, the advisor outbound admits that he did not know that Mr. Provost was a reference to the motel Concorde on the way to Montreal.

“I hear rumors all day. You do not make the policy public and you are not committed to them not the community on rumors. The moment where everything became real, it is when the Salvation Army has publicly announced its project. This is where I came out publicly in opposition, ” says Mr. Fleury, who insist that it opposes the proposed construction of a shelter to 350 beds on the way to Montreal in the quartier Vanier.

“Tactical campaign”

Mathieu Fleury sees in the output of Philippe Denault a tactical campaign to promote the candidate Thierry Harris.

“He’s trying to create a momentum for my opponent. It is 18 days of the vote. They don’t have ‘momentum’. Someone who pulls out a info like that on a folder too thorny, it is sure that it’s going to bring the media attention, ” said Mr. Fleury.

For his part, Philippe Denault says that he does not take the individual as such, but to the politician.

“I have something against him as a politician. I ask for integrity, that’s all. I don’t think he deserves to be re-elected after having lied in a folder that is also important, ” says the resident of Vanier.


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