Rozon wants to cancel the collective action against him

Rozon veut faire annuler l’action collective contre lui

MONTREAL — Gilbert Rozon is trying to get rid of the collective action of the ” Courageous “, arguing that this procedural vehicle would create a “grave injustice” against him — in addition to the force them to spend large amounts of money to defend themselves.

In their memorandum of appeal filed Monday, lawyers for the ex-boss of Just for laughs, argue that women who claim to have been harassed or sexually assaulted by him can only proceed by the way of collective action.

This would be to alter this procedural means, can we read there.

The collective action of the group of women — as they themselves called “The Brave” — was authorized in may of last year.

According to the group, Mr. Rozon would have made at least 20 victims over a period of 34 years, from 1982 to 2016, that firmly refutes the producer.

These allegations have not yet undergone the test of the courts, and no criminal charges were filed against Gilbert Rozon.

The latter has been given permission to appeal the judgment of permission, in order to dismiss the action. His memory is state of the arguments he will present to the judges of the Court of appeal.

According to its lawyers, the collective action is not used to this type of question.

It has been designed for situations in which many people have suffered harm, and that there is a link between them, whether a ” common question, similar or related “.

Proceed by collective action allows to avoid many of the legal proceedings on the same subject, for example, to avoid that all clients for which the bank charges excessive have been charged should, in turn, bring individual actions.

But here, collective action would only serve to complicate things and increase the procedures, supports Mr. Rozon.

Because each of the women will have to go testify about the specific circumstances of the assault that she alleged, of her non-consent, inability to act, before today and the harm that it has suffered. There is nothing in common between their situations, is it argued in the memory.


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