Safia Nolin: follow his path

Safia Nolin: suivre sa route

“I have the impression that my second album is going to talk about anxiety. It has really taken a big place in my life. But there, it will full well. I’m happy, I’m out.” The quote is by Safia Nolin. But not the Safia current. Rather, it is the Safia 2015, then that it had launched “Limoilou”, a first album that would see him attract praise for its musical qualities, but, at the same time, the place in the eye of a public that is not always benevolent.

Three years after our first meeting, the singer-songwriter guffaws — and treats incidentally of “conne”… — when he reminds her about the past. Difficult to deny that she had predicted on the content of the second disc: the property named In the black, due on 5 October, is not demarcated by its frame hop life. Rather, it is the naivety of the assertion that the fact now wince.

“I’m good. But I think I confondais stuff. At this time, I took control of my panic attacks. But generalized anxiety, which I do really a lot,” nuance Nolin, the air, however, and serene, speaking of her anguish as”a bull who cannot be subdued not so much.”

The famous pressure of the second album, she expected to feel it. She had been well warned. Except that it does not expect to live as well. According to the story of Safia Nolin, writing In the dark was done quite easily. In his moments of doubts, his accomplices, Joseph Marchand, and Philippe Brault, who coréalisent the album with it, have “helped to clean it up.” They have also helped when it came time to build his rougher — “I dreamed of something a little more grunge”, she says, where invite themselves sometimes sounds picked up “on the ground” or pigés in the video archives of the family.

For those who said they suffered from the exercise of the comparison (number of views on YouTube, number of inches in the air on social networks, etc), rather it is the very principle of putting his guts on the table in this industry and at this time, which has been in a cold sweat.

“Is it still relevant to make an album heavy and introspective when all the world is just to consume the music like a fucking Mcdonald’s? questions-t-it. To me, there is no anti-vomit in my album. It’s kind of a big crunchy brick of butter you comic full face. It is tough, but I must stop comparing myself to people who don’t make music the same…”

References more clear

If the feelings she expresses in her sad songs are unequivocal, Safia Nolin usually remains vague on the references that have inspired it. It is, however, more explicit on two parts of his new album.

First, there is No titre, where she talks about her father, with whom she has no contact. The introduction of the song is also a sound montage taken from videos family, where it intends to go to him.

“I don’t want to go into too much clarity, but at the same time, there’s a part of me that knows that others have been through it, she noted. For once in my life, if I can make the music clear enough for the people [feel affected], I wish.”

It is also difficult to doubt the origin of Lesbian Break-Up Song, bilingual title that she shares with Ariel Engle (Strength). “We understand that it is not speaking about a man who works in the building,” laughs the one who has seen her romantic break-up — among other things-personal — reported in some media.

Often focused on social networks (read the text below), Safia Nolin has chosen once again to expose his vulnerability in his songs. When he stresses that it required a certain courage, the singer-songwriter is a “clash” between the creation of his two albums. And reiterates its willingness to follow its path.

“When I released the first one, nobody knew I was that and it was easy to be as open, recognizes it. There may be some people ill-intentioned that will listen. But it doesn’t bother me. I like it better that I change to protect myself or to please. For me, to protect and to please, this is not screeching not far away. I prefer to just make music that I want to do as if nothing had happened. Because it is true that it made me really afraid… To make my album, saying : “the first was when even well market, is what I should be doing the same thing?” It means that naturally, I never went very far. But it is still a little different, according to me. I’m glad that I was able to listen to me and respect me there.”


• Who: Safia Nolin (Stéphanie Boulay in the first part)

• When: October 20 at 20h

• Where: Grand Theatre

• Tickets: only$39

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There was this passage at the ADISQ Gala, where she noted (that’s an understatement!) for wearing jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt adorned with the photo of Gerry Boulet. Since then, Safia Nolin has often been a target: by the chroniclers not appreciating his non-conformism, by people who have poured out their hatred on the social networks. Criticized on the one hand, it’s kind of become a symbol of affirmation of the other. Safia, she takes it all with a grain of salt. During our interview, the discussion has slipped in on the subject. Excerpts…

The Sun: Your presence in mind more. Often I receive e-mails about unsightly after having published articles about you.

Safia Nolin: Seriously? I didn’t know that!

LS: Recently, this also happened with Hubert Lenoir…

SN: Yeah, Hubert also gets picked up not worse.

LS: Is that it removes some of the pressure on your shoulders?

SN: No, but it makes me notice certain things. I have noticed that some people I hated like Hubert. I asked myself if it is because I am a girl. […] I think it’s really hot, Hubert. It bothers ben more than me, I think. I supports really 100 % in his approach. I really like it a lot. And I have the impression that it gets picked up, but not entirely for the same reasons as me. The listener man of the right is more challenged by him. Me, I challenge a lot more women. And it is this that makes me like freak out a little.

LS: Is that it has calmed down a bit?

SN: Yes. It is sure that as soon as I go to the tv, I am often basher, but pfffft… There, people will often say that I don’t wear a bra. I think it’s a cellar. It looks like it depresses me a lot. It depresses me more than a business, because I find it really fucké to make me say it. I find it really moved. I can not put a bra if I’m trying, stop just to look at me tits!

Safia Nolin: suivre sa route

Salomé Corbo at the last gala of the Gemini awards

The Press, Ivanoh Demers

LS: How did you find the kit of Salome Corbo and Gemini?

SN: She had told me. In fact, she had asked me permission for something, but I didn’t think it would be that. I was so surprised. But I found it really cute. It made me really happy.

LS: And you find yourself on the last album Koriass…

SN: He had me sent also. The people are polite, they ask for my consent. That is what he said already? He speaks of the ADISQ…

LS: He said : “When Safia arrived and the coronation of what is expected of a woman, but to be spit upon like a dog.” You’re like that became a symbol…

SN: At the same time, the Manu, this is my friend. But yes, I guess that I am [a symbol]. A sex symbol! (Laughter)


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