Sally Folk puts the public contribution

Sally Folk met le public à contribution

The singer retro Sally Folk to experience all the autumn. It will be a tour of a dozen dates across Quebec, with a stop gatinois at le Petit Chicago, on October 6, to play his latest compositions in front of his public. Several of so recent that they are still unpublished…

Is that for this tour, titled The water in the wine, Sally Folk had the desire to do things upside down. “Usually, we released an album and a tour to present the coins to the public. I’m going to interpret the new songs that I have written prior to their release and even before the record “, she explains in a telephone interview with The Progress.

The music industry wonders about how she can market the music, think Sally Folk. This questioning brings a bit of uncertainty, but allows artists to borrow new avenues.

“It is sure that it is always more difficult to present new material in concert, but I find that this is the opportune time to do,” says Sally Folk, who will present five to seven new compositions by night.

“We are all the same in the shows. You want to hear the most popular songs of the artists. It is certain that I’m going to do the songs that to me are always requested, but I will also enjoy the shows to put my new parts in context, ” says Sally Folk.

It will be of benefit, therefore, of this series of acoustic concerts to keep the contact with the public, to get his verdict on his most recent creations. The ule will become in some way complicit in the development of his next album.


And as the new hardware Sally Folk has never been recorded, two or three musicians who will accompany him, according to the dates, will also have more freedom on stage. “I would let them carte blanche,” says Sally Folk.

The new songs Sally Folk, that she describes as more mature, and that mark his return to writing in English, will be launched more formally next year. As always, his favorite subject remains the interpersonal relationships.

“It’s been ten years that I make music, and I realized that there were still several private rooms that I had not made. ”

This fall tour of a dozen dates will be a way to remedy this situation.

With Yves Bergeras, The Right



When ? Saturday, October 6, 20: 30

Where ? The Small Chicago

Information : 819-483-9843 ; ; [embassy cultural]


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