Small free libraries in Clarence-Rockland

De petites bibliothèques gratuites à Clarence-Rockland

The employees of the public Library of Clarence-Rockland dream of a mobile library, which travels to different events of the region and which would distribute books to the community. In the meantime the necessary funds, the director-general of the institution, Catherina Rouse, has imagined a “small” alternative.

The residents of the municipality of Clarence-Rockland may have noticed that small blue boxes have been hung on the buildings of the Arena (Clarence Creek and the elementary School catholic Rosary, at Saint-Pascal-Baylon. These boxes have been installed to provide books free of charge to the community, without obligation to return them.

“We do not take. People can keep them, and they can add books they have read and that they want to share with the world. They can take as many books as they want at once, and put as much as they want, ” says proudly Catherina Rouse, executive director of the public Library of Clarence-Rockland.

The box hung at the Arena Clarence Creek is composed of two floors : the top is filled with books and francophones, and the bottom, of books English. The one that is installed in Saint-Pascal-Baylon is full of books in French, since it is on a French-speaking school. It consists of books for adults, for children and youth novels.

Ms. Rouse wishes to eventually establish a mobile library, a bit like what Ottawa with her Bookmobile, but on a smaller scale, “perhaps with a caravan,” laughs the director-general. This vehicle will be able to serve the community at public events in the city, such as at events organized by the Optimist Club, for example, or when activities are organized in the parks.

But for now, these little blue boxes filled with books are here to stay, assures Ms. Rouse. The library receives a lot of donations from the community. The books received in the double part of those who are placed in the small blue boxes.

In addition, a contest was organized to encourage the use of these libraries in miniature. Users are invited, during the months of September and October, take a égoportrait with one of the boxes and post it on one of the social media of the Library, either on Facebook or on Twitter. A draw will take place on the 1st of November.


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