Test your knowledge consumption

Testez vos connaissances en consommation

Misconception: the consumer is now better informed and therefore more demanding than in the past. It is also said the more warned and broke the rules of the trade thanks to the increased access to a wide range of sources of information (journals and specialty television, social media, Internet, etc).

Informed and demanding, without a doubt, the consumer knows that he has rights. Which? There, it can sometimes spoil a little bit. Consumers sometimes difcult to have a precise idea of their rights, remedies and obligations in the event of a problem or conflict situation. To their credit, it is necessary to recognize that they operate in an environment characterized by increasingly complex and ever-increasing goods and services that are offered, as well as the modes of marketing of the companies.

Put yourself to the test by testing your skills in consumption.

1 – The legal guarantee laid down by the Law on consumer protection (CPL) requires that all property offered for sale to consumers have a guarantee of minimum durability of 12 months.

2 – The manufacturer and/or the merchant retailer can free themselves of their obligations with regard to the legal guarantee provided for in the CPA, and concluding with the consumer a contract of additional warranty.

3 – The consumers who make Internet purchases from merchants located outside of Qu├ębec can benefit from protections provided to the LPC.

4 – In the framework of a financing lease of an automobile, the LPC stipulates that in case of default of payment by the consumer, the latter may demand the immediate payment of the total of the monthly payments remaining until the end of the contract.

5 – under the CPA, a merchant who advertises an article in balance is required to refund to the consumer the demand, the gap between the price paid previously by the latter and the price of the balance, when less than ten days elapsed between the purchase and the date of the beginning of the balance.

6 – According to the CPA, it is prohibited for a merchant operating a fitness centre to collect the payment of a subscription in a single payment.

7 – under the provisions of the LPC, the trader party to a service contract for snow removal may not request a deposit prior to the start of the execution of the services described in the contract.

8 – Any used motor vehicle sold to a consumer by a trader licensee trader is subject to a warranty specifically determined by the LPC and covering the entire vehicle for a period which may not be less than 30 days.

9 – All things considered, you decide to avail itself of the right to cancel within 10 days, the contract of sale in the touring concluded for the purchase of a heating device. Despite the fact that you have consented to its installation as soon as the day after the signing of the contract, you don’t have to pay the costs related to the cost of removal of equipment and restoration of your property.


1 – F, 2 – F, 3 – V, 4 – V, 5 – F, 6 – V, 7 – F, 8 – F, 9 – F

Gary Frost is the director of services to the clientele, to the Office of consumer protection


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