The actor Will Smith jumps in “jumping” near the Grand Canyon for its 50 years

L’acteur Will Smith saute en «bungee» près du Grand Canyon pour ses 50 ans

Will Smith marks his 50th birthday by jumping in head first.

The actor had to celebrate his birthday on Tuesday by jumping off the bungy out of a helicopter in northern Arizona.

Activity, broadcast on its YouTube channel, has been presented as a jump, “in the heart of the Grand Canyon”.

However, the “Fresh Prince” will not drop precisely in the national park of the Grand Canyon, but in a throat smaller of the Navajo nation. The reserve of the first nation borders the eastern part of the national park.

In a video posted on YouTube at the beginning of the month, Will Smith had recounted having visited the Grand Canyon when he was a child, but that he had then been terrified at the idea of walking up to the edge of the precipice.

The event’s goal was to raise money for a charity through an online lottery for the chance to attend in person to the jump of Will Smith.


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