The drivers, always in a hurry

Les automobilistes, toujours aussi pressés

The amount of motorists who commit violations of the Code of the road safety (CSR) near schools of Gatineau is higher than the previous year, at the same time.

During the school year, from 30 August to 14 September, The police Department of the City of Gatineau (SPVG) has handed over 450 observations of drivers at fault, in school zones frequented by children and adolescents.

The large majority of contraventions, 320, is connected to the excessive speed.

The illegal parking, (57) is the second offence the more important.

In addition, 163 notice of awareness have been handed over to parents suffering the ” syndrome of the door “. It is parents who want to drop their child directly outside the front door of the school, night school transportation and bus traffic on the school grounds.

In September 2017, 326 statements of offence were issued for excessive speed.


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