The Lab theatre of the Ud’O is open

Le LabO théâtre de l’Ud’O est ouvert

The Lab theatre of the University of Ottawa (Ud’O) opens its doors to the public on Tuesday 2 October, with the presentation, to 20 h, a first piece entitled “By-Product.D-Confined”.

This creation bilingual brings together 11 actors of the theatre Department of the Ud’O, of the texts of the collective Weight of Feathers and texts English-speaking authors ottawans. The play will be presented each night at 20 pm until 6 October.

“It is a cry, a finger, a look of amused, a love letter, a wish, a new beginning, an invitation to” state the creators. Multi-purpose room-style ” black box “, the theatre Lab has been installed in the new building complex of the Waller street (the entrance is through the Arts, 10, rue Daly), a few steps from the campus.

The space has facilities, ” state of the art “. Seating can be arranged in all sorts of ways, or be removed in order to submit evidence ” immersive “.


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