The nurses of the Ottawa lodge 2800 CV in Ontario

Les infirmières de l'Outaouais déposent 2800 CV en Ontario

A few dozens of healthcare professionals in the Outaouais region have crossed the Alexandra bridge, on Tuesday, to go to put in a symbolic way to some 2800 resumes in Ottawa in order to inform their employer that an “exodus” to Ontario is to be feared that their working conditions “appalling” does not improve.

The president of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ), Nancy Bédard, was in Gatineau for the opportunity to support its members working at the Centre of integrated health and social services for the Outaouais region (CISSSO) in the local bargaining.

While decrying that the president-director general of the CISSSO, John Hébert, has refused to meet with her, Ms. Bedard pointed out that all the health centres of the province, there are only two where there is no agreement local has not been finalized. A folder could be set as early as this week, so it would be only the CISSSO without agreement. “It is light years to hear,” she says.

The CISSSO, we point out that in the majority of cases elsewhere in the province, as the deadline for reaching an agreement was set at 30 September, which is not the case in the region where the limit has been set to 21st October.

The president of the Syndicat des professionnelles en soins de l’outaouais (SPSO), Lyne Plant, denounces for his part that the employer wishes to impose more “flexibility” and “mobility” to its members, while calling into question the end of week two of leave is currently paid.

Ms. Plante argues that the movement to the utmost of nurses would lose the “expertise” that they have developed over the years in their respective fields of specialization.

“The contempt shown by our employer, it is hardly qualifiable, has launched Mrs Plant. What are the working conditions appalling, you can go back virtually in the 1940s.”

The chair of the SPSO asserts that an increase in departures has been observed in recent times, not only to Ontario, but also for shifts in career.

Lyne Plante considers in particular that the CISSSO should draw on the envelope of the particular status of the health network of the region to put in place more measures to promote better working conditions for nurses, nursing assistants and respiratory therapists. “It could be special projects like mentoring or preceptorship”, she said.

On the side of the CISSSO, it refuses to negotiate on the public square. The organization has made public the content of an email sent to the union by his big boss. Mr. Hébert stresses have already met with the president of the FIQ, in may last, and note that the latter agreed with the need to make concessions to both sides to have a negotiated agreement”.

Jean Hébert added that a deposit for the employers would be made this week to the local table of negotiations. “Until now, the exchanges in this table are constructive and several dates are scheduled for negotiations, he wrote. I think we need to let our door-lyrics-reciprocal do their work in order to have a negotiated agreement by the deadline date of 21 October 2018.”


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