The PQ request a recount in Ungava

Le PQ demande un recomptage dans Ungava

Because he is suspected of “transcription errors”, the Parti québécois request that the votes of the October 1, are recounted in Ungava, the district that covers all of the Nord-du-Québec.

The errors are multiple, according to the PQ, who lost the election in the hands of the CAQ by 44 votes. For example, a total number of ballots recorded on an official tally that does not equal the total number of ballots in the box. “There were a number of irregularities divided in several sections to vote,” says Yannick Gregory, spokesperson of the party.

This request the recount occurs over a week after the election of the 1st October. “It is a question of geography. Ungava, it covers a huge territory, so it took more time than elsewhere to gather all the ballot boxes,” added Mr Gregory.

It is a candidate of the parti québecois Jonathan Mattson, who has filed a request for a recount court Tuesday, at the palace of justice of Rouyn-Noranda. A technical glitch has prevented him to do so at the courthouse of Chibougamau.

The fight was very hot in this district, to be the PQ, the CAQ and the PLQ. The caquiste Denis Lamothe was the winner with a total of 2271 votes. A lead of just 44 votes on pq’s Jonathan Mattson, and 133 votes over the liberal incumbent Jean Boucher.

Its page on Facebook, Mr. Mattson had congratulated his opponent a few hours after the unveiling of the results, and said, he wished to return to his work as director of the SAQ to Chibougamau. He now wants to see the ballot boxes be checked.

The caquiste Denis Lamothe, new in politics, is a police officer retired from the SQ, who has worked in indigenous communities in Ungava for eight years.

If a recount is authorized by a judge, it would be the third in the province of Québec. The PQ has already requested a recount court in Gaspé, and the LPQ, the Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

More details to come…


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