The Project Closes 911 Emily launched

Le Projet Ferme 911 Emily lancé

The united Counties of Prescott and Russell (CUPR) are the most recent municipal partners to join the Project Closes 911 Emily. The project was launched last Friday in order to encourage rural farmers to install signs indicating the street address of their vacant lots, to help first responders to better find their way in an emergency situation.

When an accident occurs on an agricultural field, the victim can sometimes be found miles away from his property, which makes the work of first responders more difficult. This is why the owners of big agricultural land are encouraged to display their civic address.

“It had been some time since we talked about it. Most of the farmers are often alone with their big machines in the fields, they have a certain concern, and even with a cell phone, it can be difficult to find, ” explains the president of the united Counties of Prescott and Russell (CUPR), François St-Amour.

According to the director-general of the Union des cultivateurs franco-ontariens (UCFO), Simon Durand, this initiative is very positive for the farmers of the region. “This is a project that has more its place in a modern agriculture, with farms larger, it is essential to have a good identification system to facilitate the operations. “

The Project Closes 911 Emily was created in August of 2017 to the memory of Emily Trudeau, a young girl of seven years who lost his life on a rural property in the municipality of Tweed, in central-eastern Ontario. Following an accident, the emergency services had been called to the scene, but first responders had not been able to locate the exact place, in the absence of address. Emily died at the hospital due to traumatic injuries she had suffered.

For the superintendent, the emergency services and the community coordinator of the emergency management of Prescott and Russell, Eric Larocque, a street address for each vacant land in rural areas would be welcome. “This is always what happens when there are calls of accidents on farms. With an address to locate the place, it is much more practical than someone who has to go in the street for us to make signs, ” he know.

Each municipality has its own requirements that must be met for an entry to the property is eligible for a civic address, and its own tariff structure for the assessment and installation of signaling. The owners are kindly requested to communicate directly with their municipal authority, which will assess the safety and adequacy of the input to accommodate emergency vehicles. The municipality will work then for sure the installation of the panels.

“This is a very good thing. Any prevention initiative that can help rescuers and first-responders to intervene more quickly is a good investment, ” encourages Mr. Durand.


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