The Salvation army in Vanier: “I have always been the opposite,” says Fleury

Armée du Salut dans Vanier: «je m’y suis toujours opposé», dit Fleury

The project of the implementation of a shelter of the Salvation Army in the area Vanier still makes his own, Thursday evening, at the centre communautaire Côte-de-Sables.

Candidates in the Rideau-Vanier Mathieu Fleury, Thierry Harris and Matt Lowe have crossed the iron before the voters of Ottawa, in view of the upcoming municipal elections, which will be held on October 22nd. Salar Changiz, another candidate in the elections in the district, was absent.

When questioned by a citizen on the transparency of the municipal council, the adviser to the outgoing Mathieu Fleury has had to clarify its position on the issue of a possible shelter of the Salvation Army in 333 Montreal road.

“It is crucial to have an immediate consultation with the population when we know that something is going to happen, said the candidate Thierry Harris. It is necessary for the counsellor to be transparent and accountable. “

“About the Salvation Army, I objected from the first day “, then retorted councillor Fleury, to the great discontent of some voters.

“It is false ! It is fake ! “they lamented.

Mr. Fleury continued inviting people to look at his media coverage of the June 7, 2017.

“I came out strong against the model and against the location. “

Another issue that has everyone talking was that of affordable housing near transit stations in the national capital. Each candidate has also demonstrated its willingness to improve the problem.

“It is extremely important to have affordable housing everywhere in the city,” said Mr. Fleury.

“It is necessary to get people out of the street,” she said Mr. Lowe.

For its part, Thierry Harris has described the current situation as ” unacceptable in terms of respect and dignity for the people of our community “.

“10 000 people are waiting for affordable housing in Ottawa, and 7500 people have made use of shelters in 2017 “, he explained.

Following the debate, the citizens have had the opportunity to ask a few questions. Nearly a score of voters were raised to speak to the three candidates. One of the questions focused in particular on the way to Montreal. “What is your vision for the way to Montreal ? “t-they asked. The idea of making Montreal road a landmark of the francophonie ottawa has been invoked.

“I would see a quartier international de la francophonie on the way to Montreal, has launched Mr. Harris. We can attract tourists from all over the international francophonie on our way with Montreal and attract more investments. “

In 2014, Mathieu Fleury had won the election with 51.5% of votes. The consultant will present for a third consecutive term.


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