The sanctions for religious signs are “counter-productive”, says QS

Les sanctions pour les signes religieux sont «contre-productives», estime QS

MONTREAL — The co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Manon Massé, contends that François Legault is ready to put at the foot of the teachers who wear the hijab, so that there is a lack of teachers in many regions of Québec, particularly in the metropolis.

During a meeting with the media on Friday in Montreal, at the end of a caucus meeting of the 10 members of Québec solidaire, Ms. Massé has said that he did not understand Mr. Legault, the more so as he has asserted throughout the campaign that his first priority was education.

“In a moment where Mr. Legault announced to us that education was a priority, it deprives us of profs. At the time we announced that there would be child care services for all children, it announces layoffs”, said the co-spokesperson for QS.

In fact, on the occasion of the caucus of the elected representatives of the Coalition avenir Quebec earlier this week, the spokesperson stated that the party had to move forward with its commitment to ban the wearing of religious signs ostentatious for State employees in a position of authority, including teachers.

And, once the eventual bill is passed, if they refuse to remove their religious signs when they are at work, it would be their decision not to comply with the law, had mentioned Genevieve Guilbault, then spokesman of the CAQ. These State employees should be relocated or quit their job, but it would be their choice, she had insisted.

Ms. Massé has repeated that she did not think that the CAQ was racist. “I do not think that Mr. Legault is a racist; I don’t think the CAQ is racist. It is clear that the proposals that they put on the table are afraid, because in the background, they divide, they exclude, they point the finger at people”, she elected.

“I think that Mr. Legault should absolutely listen to reason. Immigrants are not a threat in Quebec. What he needed, rather, is to ensure that people — and that, I heard him say during the election — that the newcomers should be well integrated. And a way to integrate them is to ensure they really have their place in our society,” commented Ms. Massé. The other co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, considered “counter-productive” to focus on this issue, saying that “this is not a real problem for the moment.”

Climate and mode of election

QS, said Ms. Massé, supports the position of the Bouchard-Taylor Commission, namely the prohibition of wearing religious symbols ostentatious to the employees of the State who have a power of enforcement only, such as judges, police officers.

For what is the menu of QS to the next session, it will be focused on the fight against climate change and the reform of the voting system. The party intends to remind Mr. Legault that he has co-authored a declaration of three parties — CAQ, PQ and QS — in which he undertook to reform the mode of election.

With regard to climate change, QS wants to hear the CAQ on the means that it will take to allow Québec to achieve its targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensure a good transition energy.


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