The successful return of Andrew Shaw

Le retour réussi d’Andrew Shaw

Without burning the steps or replenish in the bath at full steam, Andrew Shaw is estimated to have undergone a return-to-play satisfactory after an interval of about seven months between his last game last season and the opening of the regular schedule last Wednesday to Toronto.

On the whole, Shaw believes doing things in his first two outings of the season, especially in the face of the Maple Leafs, against whom he scored his first goal since 2 January last.

“I had a surplus of energy and excitement in the first game. In the second, I felt a little fatigue but the ice was a little slower, which forced us to work a little harder. I need to improve a little my timing but other than that, I agree with the washers free, I pounced at the net and I try to create as many opportunities as possible for my teammates trio”, has analyzed Shaw in the locker room of the Bell sports Complex.

Shaw has resumed his place in the alignment of the Canadian from the start of the season even if it has not been possible to participate in a single game trial.

His between-season has been devoted to recovering from surgery on his left knee and to clear the last of the symptoms related to a concussion, the result of the same shock with Greg Pateryn, of the Dallas Stars at the Bell Centre on march 13.

Shaw had especially told her that he was not able to walk for two months and he has gained weight during his inactivity.

From the moment he returned to the off-ice training, he added, he has lost a good portion of that excess weight although he said to oscillate the needle of the scales at about 190 pounds.

“I would have loved to play in preseason matchups, but the schedule did not lend itself to. I had need of extra days before receiving the green light from the doctors, and I also need to train with the team. All ended well and I thank the coach for his respect to my location and have had enough confidence in me when I told him that I was ready for me to play from the first match.”

Julien did not hesitate

Despite the long inactivity of his fiery winger, Julien did not seem to hesitate to throw Shaw in the heat of the action last Wednesday. It was just the same with a certain parsimony in using it for an average of about 13 minutes.

“The coach I had been advised that it would begin this way and that he wouldn’t play for 15 or 16 minutes immediately, said Shaw. It is something that will gradually increase during the first few weeks of the season. In this way, I am confident that I will be able to improve match by match.”

Julian confesses that he didn’t know what to expect from Shaw for the inaugural game last week. However, he knows that his attacker may be able to help the Canadian number of ways.

“He skated a lot by itself. However, he has only taken part in two training sessions with us. It has a lot of strengths in his game and what I had seen during the two sessions, it is that he skated quite well. At one point, it was a matter of give him a chance to play, ” explained Julien.

“For a guy missing since the month of march, I think he has done well. It does not have huge responsibilities, but responsibilities still shorthanded. And his trio gave us some good shifts on the ice.”


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