The thousand and one facets of prostitution

Les mille et une facettes de la prostitution

Initially, Caroline Yergeau wanted to do a piece of documentary theatre objective on prostitution. Change of course : after four years of research, “My body given up for you” offers a frame fictitious interspersed portraits of real reality, the complexities are endless.

My body delivered for you is a production of the Theatre Belvedere in collaboration with the Théâtre du Trillium. The piece will be presented to the New Stage from 3 to 6 October.

In 2014, the artistic director of the Theatre Belvedere listened by chance to a radio broadcast on bill C-36, which criminalizes the purchase of sexual services. In the eyes of justice, prostitution would now be recognized as a form of exploitation.

This was the place. The playwright has contacted the sex worker interviewed him to ask him questions in his turn. And then she did the readings, watched videos, and met women. A lot of women. Of the speakers. A professor of the University of Ottawa. Women who were still in prostitution, others who did more, who have agreed to open up their universe to a “lady of the theatre” that they did not know.

All these meetings were marked by the author of the piece, but one interview in particular with a former prostitute, has left in his memory an indelible imprint. “She had really lived the experience one expects of a harlot,” she says. She had undergone the violence, she had a pimp who had exploited… today, she is being treated for post-traumatic shock. “

“She made me understand that her story could happen to almost all women. It is time to take a small bad decision, to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and bang ! You make yourself suck. “

A “trip to emotional” in prostitution

Over the meetings, it was decided that the objectivity of the documentary theatre would be ” neither possible nor interesting.” The subject was too rich for the deal coldly. My body delivered to you , has transformed into a “theatre piece inspired documentary,” who speaks about prostitution in all its corners and seams and which transmits the various opinions on the issue.

The piece sets the stage for the character’s semi-fictional Caroline Yergeau and follows him through his four years of research, with its state of the soul and the people she has met. But the interviews, they have nothing to mock : all of them are the transcripts of his meetings with the actors of the sex industry, the same as it has carried out in the framework of his research.

Les mille et une facettes de la prostitution

Etienne Ranger, Right

The actors Elaine Juteau, Louis-Philippe Roy and Frederique Therien alternate between the roles of the friends of Caroline and the reading of these transcripts. Without playing the characters, they recite word-for-word, as recorded, swear words included. “I didn’t want to impose my point of view,” says Caroline Yergeau. We did not want to play these women. We didn’t want to take ownership of their lived experience. “

“We want the word premium. We wanted that nothing else bothers them. We didn’t want fancy stuff visual ; it is so strong that these people have told us ! “

Caroline Yergeau promises all of the same spikes of humour. “There is still a certain lightness in the word. These women are funny ! “

And after four years of research, what are its conclusions ? The women who work as prostitutes are victims of sexual exploitation, as the underlying bill C-36, or are they doing it deliberately ? It will be up to the viewer to decide.



What : The play My body given up for you

When : October 3-6, 2018, 19: 30

Where : The New Scene Gilles Desjardins, Ottawa

Information :


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