Two big names to enter the game for the Habs

Deux grosses pointures d'entrée de jeu pour le Tricolore

BROSSARD — the start of The season the Canadian will not be any rest, with visits to Toronto, and Pittsburgh in the first four days of the regular calendar.

“We will keep our focus on Toronto tomorrow [Wednesday]. And when the match is about to start, we’ll keep our focus on the first period. It is to go from period to period and to manage the match this way, just as we, the coaches, the players. It is a process,” said head coach Claude Julien, Tuesday morning, a few hours before the team’s departure to Toronto.

All this does not prevent Julien to be aware of the magnitude of the task. “We play against a team that is considered one of the favorites to win the Stanley Cup and another who has won it twice in the last three years. I think it is a good challenge for us. It is really a good test. It is to go one small step at a time.”

To hold out against two formations also powerful, as the Canadian will not only show himself to his best in defensive, but also get the contribution of the pillars to offensive team. In this regard, Julien is confident.

“When you look at last year, we have a lot of players who are able to give more on the side of offensive, and this is not necessarily their fault. You take a player like Lehkonen, who was injured in the beginning of the season. It took him time to regain his timing. Same thing for Phil Danault, who was also wounded last year.

“We know we have to score more to win, but also, we can not provide as many goals as we’ve given in the past year. We hope that things go well balance and they will balance in our favor,” added Julien.

Julien did not hide a certain haste to break the ice after a long summer and a camp began in mid-September. “We are all in the same boat, we look forward to the real season begins. We liked a lot of things during the camp, but we are also realistic that there is still a lot of work to do. We will continue to work to improve as the season goes forward. We all look forward that it begins, and the process starts from tomorrow.”

A trip to gatherer?

The Canadian flew to Toronto, Tuesday afternoon, and will return to Montreal after the game of Saturday against the Penguins. For the management and the players interviewed, this short journey is a good opportunity to create a spirit of group as quickly as possible.

Moreover, the new captain Shea Weber will be this trip even though it is still far to play a first game. “We have a chance to spend a little time together on this trip and it is important to have everything in the world to start the season on a good note,” said Julien.

“Five days together, it is a great place to start,” she said Danault. “We will continue to be on the same wave-length and to weld the spirit of our team.”

Deux grosses pointures d'entrée de jeu pour le Tricolore

Return of a suspension of five matches, Max Domi set to make his debut with the Canadian, in the arena where his father’s Tie has been the law for six seasons.

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Max Domi will return to a building where his famous father, Tie has been the law for a little more than six seasons, Wednesday in Toronto.

“I think it is a special game for everyone. It is one of the greatest rivalries in any sport, not just in hockey, reminded the striker of 23 years.

Domi has two goals and three points in two parts in career in Toronto. “They have a good team there. We know to what extent it has talented players. We’re going to have to be ready. This will be a good test and I’m eager to tackle.”

The new attacker of CH can finally move on to something else, simple sessions of training, after the suspension that was imposed on him on September 20 for his punch on Aaron Ekblad of the Panthers of Florida, the day before. “I am very rested. I hope that I will not miss energy!” he launched it as a quip.

Claude Julien would have liked to see more during the calendar hearing, unless circumstances have prevented. What matters in the eyes of the head coach, it is that Domi avoids wanting to do too much.

“I would not want that Max thinks he needs to bring more than what we ask of him. In a group, it is important that we all do our job the right way. We think that if we do that, that will give us a better chance of winning than to see a player trying to do too much and do more harm than good.”


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