“We will not give up”, said Pascal Bérubé, interim leader of the PQ

«Nous ne renoncerons pas», dit Pascal Bérubé, chef intérimaire du PQ

“We will not give up the dream of youth of the Parti québécois,” assured the member for Matane-Matapédia, quebec, and Pascal Bérubé, after having been appointed interim leader of the Parti québécois. It will be the vis-à-vis pq of prime minister François Legault.

Pascal Bérubé has received the unanimous support of his eight colleagues on the caucus. The general opinion is that it has a certain degree of experience to perform this function, since it has, among others, parliamentary leader of the Parti québécois in the national Assembly in recent years.

Last week, several had had the impression that no one in the Parti québécois did not want to take the post of acting chief, among those with an obvious experience for the role.

Some had the feeling that Véronique Hivon, Sylvain Gaudreault, and Pascal Bérubé preferred, each on their side, that this is someone else. None of them seemed to have the desire to sacrifice themselves for the interim, in order to better preserve his chances for the position of the “true” leader.

The latter, the “true” leader, will be elected later by the members of the party.

There is no rush, said Pascal Bérubé, Tuesday, as the Coalition avenir Quebec will be in power until at least October 3, 2022.

“Haste would be a bad advisor”, he said.

“We have a lot of things to review”, has recognized the interim leader. But “the story continues”, he said.

Jean-François Lisée

The appointment of an interim leader for the Parti québécois, was made necessary by the forced departure of Jean-François Lisée after his electoral defeat in the riding of Rosemont to the benefit of the solidarity Vincent Marissal.

On Monday evening, the PQ has been unable to elect nine deputies, while 30 had found a chair in the Salon bleu of the national Assembly in April 2014. The party hopes that the recomptages election going on or coming up in three constituencies will enable him to win two elected more.

The magic number to be recognized as a “parliamentary group” in the national Assembly is 12, but can be negotiated between parliamentarians, including this recognition. The Coalition avenir Québec seems willing to give the Parti québécois and Québec solidaire.

Foot nose?

The foot of the nose of the calendar? The Parti québécois will be 50 years old on Thursday. Needless to say here that the heart is not there at the party.

The direction of the training founded by René Lévesque does not have any planned celebration in the short term. She explains to have been in the midst of the election campaign.


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