An escort trapped

Une escorte prise au piège

Christine MacNeil wanted to take his distances with his ex-spouse. Their rocky relationship, there are lots of “separations and occasions” for three years, was to end permanently. But her ex, Emilio Spezzano, did not as well, according to the Crown. Unable to undergo this separation without next day, he would have said the murder, conspiring with his long-time friend, Blake Dooley.

Ms. MacNeil was killed on October 19, 2015 by opening the door of his hotel room Four Point Sheraton, on Laurier street, in the Vieux-Hull.

The woman, who worked as an escort, has barely had time to open the door and greet his “guest” that she was shot at point-blank range.

The Crown addressed the jury Tuesday morning during the kick-off of the trial of two men accused of the premeditated murder of Christine MacNeil, 25 years.

The public prosecutor had summed up his evidence in front of the jury, convened at the courthouse in Gatineau, Tuesday, three years after the murder.

“He has set a trap “, and he summed up the Crown, Me Diane Legault.

The two accused will attend the trial common for premeditated murder. They have pleaded not guilty.

The trial could be complicated because the ex-spouse, Emilio Spezzano, age 58, is alone, without a lawyer.


Christine MacNeil had resumed its escort after the break. This would have greatly displeased Emilio Spezzano.

She had made an appointment with a ” client “, the 19 October 2015, 20-h.

Ms. MacNeil would “texté” the number of his hotel room, at 20: 10.

“The victim was shot a few minutes after a 20-h “, said to Me, Legault.

An employee of the hotel, which was located on the fourth floor, where the murder, had seen a man wearing dark clothes.

A few seconds later, he heard something like ” No, Jake! “followed by two shots.

The woman was discovered lifeless.

The two alleged accomplices in the murder were arrested after a long investigation, combining police surveillance in Ottawa, cross-comparison of data on cell phone locations, expertise pathological and testimonials.

According to the public ministry, Emilio Spezzano has asked his friend to shoot the woman.

“The two men have planned everything, said to Me, Legault. Mr. Dooley was going to shoot the woman who had left Mr. Spezzano, his friend. According to our evidence, the latter was so angry with her that he had already threatened to kill her. We know, also, that the two men spent time together on the day of the murder. “

The cell of the “client” was the one used by Dooley and Spezzano to trap the woman.

According to the Crown, Emilio Spezzanno is as guilty of the crime, even if he has not personally drawn on his example

The woman and her two alleged killers are from Ottawa.


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