At least five days without drinking water in Hull

Au moins cinq jours sans eau potable à Hull

The citizens of virtually the whole of the Hull area will be without drinking water for at least five days starting on 20 October.

The adviser to the Plateau, Maude Marquis-Bissonnette, has announced on his page Facebook, on Wednesday morning.

“The factory of the production of drinking water of Hull is undergoing “open heart surgery”. The modernisation works are currently being carried out without interruption of the treatment systems and distribution of drinking water,” wrote the chosen of the Plateau.

Ms. Marquis-Bissonnette adds that the notice precautionary boil water advisory will be in effect for at least five days, on account of Saturday, October 20 for the whole of the Hull area, with the exception of the Plateau.

The City of Gatineau present a briefing of the technical media of the region Wednesday morning to provide further information on this situation.

More details to come.


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