Doucet tackles the crime

Doucet s’attaque à la criminalité

The aspirant mayor of Ottawa Clive Doucet, is taking on commitments to reduce gender based violence, prevent crime and improve road safety.

Mr. Doucet wants to make the capital more secure. In his eyes, the City is required to restart the program proactive community policing and more investment in recreation programs for youth and communities to reach people at risk and thus prevent crime. The candidate promises to ask for federal funding in the framework of the crime prevention strategy.

“Despite the presence of ever-stronger police forces, the rates of homicide and criminal activities are increasing in our city, said Mr. Doucet. We need a coordinated plan that focuses on the socio-economic factors that increase the risk of involvement in criminal activities, and that improves the support to the frontline agencies that provide services to victims. “

To respond to violence based on gender, Clive Doucet wants to create an Office of the status of women, which would be funded and which would have sufficient staff to review and modify the by-laws and the initiatives of the City from a perspective bias.

He also wants to build bathrooms gender neutral in the public spaces.

In terms of road safety, Mr. Doucet intends to advise the elected municipal officials to determine which measures give good results. It also plans to improve education on the use of roundabouts in addition to encourage this type of configuration in the new neighborhoods in development.


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