Murals to brighten up the neighbourhoods

Des murales pour égayer les quartiers

The murals on the buildings could be more many to the four corners of the city. Ottawa mayor Jim Watson has asked city staff to review the regulation.

“I think it is a good idea for the community. This is the reason why I gave direction to staff to find fair and equitable solutions for the neighborhoods and the artists,” says Mr. Watson.

Elected officials have approved an exemption to the regulations governing signs standing on private property to allow the mural painted on the facade of the building, located at 118 avenue Stirling.

The mayor and the councillor of the area, Jeff Leiper, presented the motion after having been informed that the service of bylaws and has asked the owner to clear the wall under the pretext that the regulation was not respected.

The elected officials took the opportunity to ask the staff to review the regulation in order to allow the wall in greater numbers. The latter, however, may not be of a commercial nature.

“I am very happy today that we have been given permission retroactively for that this wall is not erased. There is always the support of the community to the arts. It is pretty, it is alive,” says the advisor to the district Kitchissippi.


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