One commenter youth guilty of assault

Un intervenant jeunesse coupable d'agression

Jean-Philippe Tremblay, involved in Centre jeunesse du Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean, has been convicted of sexual assault on a young 17 year old girl from Montreal who was in fugue.

The accused tried to kiss the teenager on two occasions, he placed a hand on the thigh and went up to put a finger in the vagina and in the anus of the young girl. Jean-Philippe Tremblay has denied the actions, but acknowledged that the victim had refused his advances.

Judge Richard P. Daoust, the Québec Court, has rendered its judgment on Monday morning, at the Palais de justice de Chicoutimi. His decision is unequivocal. He has not believed in the version of the accused, while the victim has been maintained from the beginning to the end.

The history goes back to the night of 11 to 12 may 2017, Chicoutimi. The girl worked in a bar, even if it was not major. At the end of the evening, it is output to the outside to have a cigarette in the company of the accused. She then noticed that her purse had been stolen.

In good Samaritan, Jean-Philippe Tremblay has offered to find the thief in the streets of the city centre of Chicoutimi.

After a quick tour, the client of Charles Cantin is stored in a multi-storey car Chicoutimi. He tried to kiss the girl. Not once, but twice. Each attempt has suffered a no-go. He confessed, too, have put his hand on the thigh of the victim.

It has left the vehicle, crying, distraught. The young girl has stopped a vehicle on the rue Racine, and the occupant was found to be a police officer from the outside as a civilian. This last has told that the teenager was in crisis and panicked.

At the police station, she gave the number of the license plate of the vehicle of Tremblay.

The accused has changed his version during his interrogation with the police, told the magistrate. He could not remember having put the hand on the thigh, but ended up confessing. Same thing on the fact that he was found in the parking lot floors.

Tremblay was first indicated to the investigator of the police Service of Saguenay, that it is the young girl who told him to go to the parking lot floors. He then mentioned that he wanted to go to the police station in the city centre, but the road work had instead led to the parking lot floors.

“There are contradictions in what you have told. As the fact of having first said he did not know why she was screaming and she was hitting to kicking in the car, and then say it was because you had tried to kiss her. “

Un intervenant jeunesse coupable d'agression

Judge Richard Daoust believes that the evidence of the Crown has proven beyond a reasonable doubt. It will hear submissions on sentence on November 5.


“And the fact that you told the investigator that he had no past, but a time you were faced with possession of images and video, and DNA evidence, you have said that you would, perhaps, on his cheek and his ear,” said the judge.

The latter was also startled at the trial when the accused came to say that the young girl had kissed him on the mouth at the bar, an element which had never been raised before.

“I do not believe your version. By contrast, the victim has been the same from the beginning to the end. Its credibility has been enhanced. She had nothing to win to go to the police, because she was a runaway and had nothing to win against you, because she knew you not, ” concluded the judge Daoust.

The speaker has been recognized when the victim was brought to the Centre jeunesse Chicoutimi. She had come face to face with him.


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